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The following Cat 6 Tools Vacuum Systems videos are about the unique vacuum systems used for outdoor work including gasoline powered vacuums for gold prospectors, ranchers and construction workers . The gas powered vacuum described here comes with or without filters. This product makes an excellent gas powered leaf vacuum.


1. Cat 6 Tools, Gas Powered Vacuum Bucket Video 26:22   New

The Best Outdoor Shop Vacuum System

This Gas Powered Vacuum Filter Bucket will pick up sand and gravel and works great for cleaning up areas around holes dug with the Holey-Moley Digger. As a result of this systems high air flow rate it is ideal for vacuuming up loose dirt when replacing plants and for installing pavers or doing brick work.  Buy the gasoline powered vacuum bucket here.  Get more information on the Makita BHX2500CA here.

2. Cat 6 Tools, Makita Blower Gamma Lid Installation Video 10:04   New

If you are looking at making your own gas powered leaf vacuums, this DIY kit this video provides excellent step by step instructions.

Buy the Makita Gamma Lid Installation Kit Here

Instruction video on how to install the Makita BHX2500CA Leaf Blower on a Plastic Bucket Gamma Lid

The Makita BHX2500CA makes an excellent gasoline powered vacuum bucket for off the grid vacuum work.  This bucket is excellent for getting gold out of rock cracks and crevices.    In addition it works. great for digging holes and for powering the Holey-Moley Diggers.

Buy the Tangential Gas Powered Filter Bucket Here.

Tangential Gas Powered Vacuum 7gal Plastic Filter Bucket with Makita 4 stroke engine

3. Cat 6 Tools, Extension Cord Performance Test 7:36   New

This Extension Cord Performance Test Shows the Best Extension Cord to use for your Shop Vacuum

The results of this test show conclusively why you don’t want to cut your self short on the gage of an extension cord. Get the right gage .

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