The Super El Nino Fire Season : Standby!

Get Ready for the Super El Nino Fire Season : A Thrilling Outlook for the West!

Brace Yourself for Thrilling Convection Smoke Clouds.  Because this Fire Season will be Supercharged with Santa Ana Winds! This will result in an adrenaline-pumping adventure as the West becomes a battleground of awe-inspiring destruction. So, don’t miss out on the spectacle of a lifetime—join us as we witness the breathtaking power of nature’s fury and the mesmerizing dance of terrifying smoke clouds fueled by the mighty Super El Nino and unleashed by the unstoppable force of the Santa Ana winds. This is one experience that won’t disappoint!

Hold onto your hats, because the 2023 Super El Nino fire season in the West is shaping up to be nothing short of extraordinary!

Brace yourself for an adrenaline-fueled adventure as we dive into the thrilling world of wildfires and explore what lies ahead.

Picture this: the Super El Nino is on the horizon, poised to unleash its fury with stronger winds than ever before. As a result, these super gusts will become the enablers of destruction, rapidly spreading wildfires across the landscape. And guess what? The action has already begun! California, Arizona, New Mexico, and Colorado are all ablaze, providing a tantalizing taste of what’s to come.

Now, let’s talk about Oregon and Washington.

The wet winter might have lulled you into a false sense of security, but make no mistake—it’s merely a delay tactic. As the scorching summer heat bears down on us, the once lush fuels are drying out, ready to become the catalysts for major fires in the late summer and early fall. And when fall arrives, the Santa Ana winds of Southern California will breathe life into infernos, causing them to explode with unimaginable force.

You might be thinking, “Wait a minute!

Didn’t we have a wet winter?” Well, my adventurous friend, don’t let the raindrops fool you. While everyone’s been busy discussing the downpours, a dangerous super El Nino game has been set in motion. A colossal amount of fuel is waiting patiently, coupled with the impending dry weather. The stage is set, and the countdown to an epic showdown has begun. This won’t be disappointing for those that are awed by colossal smoke convection columns.

The wild, wild West is about to experience a wildfire season like no other. Although the rainy months might have granted us a temporary reprieve, there’s no guarantee of a low-risk fire year. In fact, the delayed start to the summer wildfire season might just be the calm before the storm. The grasses that flourished thanks to the abundant precipitation will turn into explosive kindling, primed and ready to ignite later in the season.

Super El Nino Fire Season Outlook

This is what Hot Line Fire Fighting looks like!


The latest wildfire outlooks from the National Interagency Fire Center reveal a low to normal wildfire risk for the first part of summer. But let’s not get too comfortable—there’s a twist in the plot. Some models suggest that the weather could take an unusually hot turn later in the summer, potentially due to the rapidly developing Super El Nino. However, uncertainty looms large at this stage, keeping us on the edge of our seats.

It happened before and it will happen again.  A super El Nino fire season can be really terrifying.

Here’s the thing about summer heat: it has the power to rewrite the entire wildfire narrative in an instant. It sets the stage for a perilous autumn in California, where bone-dry winds arrive, fueling the flames. Don’t let history fool you either. In 2017, despite a wet winter, three of the most destructive wind-driven fires in California’s history occurred.   These wreaked havoc after a scorching, arid summer and fall. The pattern repeated in 2019, a year soaked in wet and snowy wonder, when a slow summer fire season was followed by an active and disruptive autumn, courtesy of near-historic wind events in October.

As we’ve witnessed before, the significant portion of the fire season might experience a delayed start in many areas of the West. But don’t be fooled—when it finally arrives, it’ll roar like a ferocious beast, consuming everything in its path.

The perpetually wet weather of 2023 has gifted us with an astonishingly abundant and vibrant grass crop, surpassing anything seen in previous years across central and southern California. The lushness conceals the impending danger, lurking beneath the surface, ready to ignite.

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The FireMapper 3.0

  • FireMapper3.0: Prepare for amazement by this free, interactive map available at It’s your portal to the world of webcams all throughout California. Discover fantastic views from atop towers and mountains, capturing the very essence of the fire-ravaging landscapes. Be sure to check out the Oat Mtn South 1 cam at, where you can pan over a directional photo and witness its correlation with the map. It’s an exhilarating experience that will hook you as the cameras periodically change direction. Prepare to experience fascination!


  • InciWeb: Curiosity piqued? Head over to to witness the ongoing fire action. This interactive map provides a comprehensive overview of fire locations across the United States, offering information filled with detail on fires as they occur. Brace yourself for a front-row seat to the unfolding drama.

The Smoke Map

  • Smoke Map: Brace yourself for a visual spectacle of colossal proportions. In addition, visit to witness the vast expanses smothered in smoke, especially over Canada, where fires have already devoured over a million acres. It’s an awe-inspiring display of nature’s fury.

Cal Fire

  • Cal Fire: The ultimate resource for fire enthusiasts, thrill-seekers, and those yearning to stay informed. Visit to explore Cal Fire’s interactive map. Unleash the power of this map’s different layers, allowing you to select Red Flag warning areas, counties, recent fire perimeters, and even smoke forecasts. It’s your one-stop shop for all things about fire in California.

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Hold on tight, fellow adventurers, because the 2023 fire season promises an exhilarating journey through the West. So, buckle up, stay on top of the information portal, and get ready for the ultimate battle between nature’s wrath and human resilience. Get ready to witness the breath-taking power of Super El Nino wildfires in all their glory. The stage is set, and the curtain is about to rise. Are you ready to join the fiery spectacle?

Enjoy the wonderful weather. Take time to get your “go-bag ready. Make a plan for getting out of Dodge.  It’s gonna get BAD!

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