The Most Powerful Shop Vacuum In The World

Discover the Unrivaled Strength of Cat 6 Tools’ New Electric Shop Vacuum – The Most Powerful Shop Vac In the World.

Cat 6 Tools, LLC proudly presents its latest innovation: the most powerful electric shop vacuum yet. This high powered shop vacuum is designed to revolutionize the heavy-duty cleaning game for professionals.  With unmatched performance and superior suction power, this vacuum stands out as the ultimate tool for achieving efficiency like never before.


This machine is made for moving dirt, sand, and gravel!

Effortlessly handling dirt, sand and gravel, this high powered shop vacuum’s core features an impressive capacity to lift a staggering 35 pounds of sand and gravel up to 16 vertical feet in just 42 seconds.  Once the material starts moving it doesn’t stop.

Engineered with a specialized tangential inlet coupled with low loss vacuum hose, Cat 6 Tools ensures that this machine consistently outperforms, boasting 145 inches of water suction power and an airflow rate of 140 CFM.   It even vacuums wet sand at the rate of over 2 pounds a second solidifying its top spot in the shop vacuum sector.

High efficiency is essential for a powerful shop vacuum.

Designed with a highly efficient tangential inlet to protect the filter and maximize airflow, this vacuum caters to the needs of professionals in need of a robust electric shop vacuum.  Its engineering excellence allows seamless operation with sand and gravel.

Known for their innovative vacuum assisted post hole diggers, Cat 6 Tools creatively integrates this vacuum into their product lineup, offering it in 10 and 16 gallon capacities for small portable units as well as their new 30 gallon tilt drum made for the toughest jobs.  Capable of carrying over 400 pounds of sand and gravel, this vacuum drum is made to easily move over rough ground. Not only that it is easy to dump. All of these vacuums come standard with a tangential side inlet and an 8-foot, 2 inch ID low loss vacuum hose for optimal airflow and efficiency.


Despite its powerful performance, the vacuum is surprisingly lightweight at just 15 pounds for the 10 gallon model. The high RPM highly balanced rotor comes standard with high quality bearings. Its compact yet durable steel drum construction withstands intense suction without compromise. Designed with sturdy handles for easy transport of drums filled with sand or gravel, it merges top-notch performance with convenience.  Its design not only boosts efficiency but also makes the cleaning process easier, minimizing strain and fatigue.

Readily available filters minimize downtime and provide access to the right filter for the job.


Featuring standard Ridgid replaceable filters, the vacuum includes an easy-to-use filter holder, enhancing its convenience.  In addition, this vacuum comes with a float shut-off to protect the vacuum motor when operating in wet operations.   Because safety is paramount, the vacuum comes standard with a high quality GFCI on the cord.

Manufactured for long life with with quality parts and high tolerance parts.

Because of its long motor life this vacuum sets a new standard in the industry.  As a result an hour meter comes standard and it shows actual hours of motor operation.   Typical shop vacuums have a 200 hour life. This compares to the Hurricane vacuum’s operational life of over 1500 hours.

Ideal for professional contractors, landscapers, and DYI enthusiasts alike, the power and versatility  of this vacuum will leave you amazed.  Say goodbye to mediocre models that falter under tough conditions.  The Most Powerful Electric Shop Vacuum comes with the Hurricane name by Cat 6 Tools, LLC.. This vacuum will transform your cleaning tasks and elevate your cleaning experience to new heights.

Like most of the tools offered by Cat 6 Tools, LLC. This vacuum system is made in the USA.


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