The Most Powerful Electric Shop Vacuum

Introducing the Unmatched Power of Cat 6 Tools, Electric Shop Vacuum.

Cat 6 Tools, LLC has just unveiled the most powerful electric shop vacuum. This groundbreaking invention is set to transform the way professionals tackle heavy-duty cleaning tasks. In addition with its exceptional performance and unrivaled suction power, this vacuum is a game-changer for those seeking unparalleled efficiency.

It sucks up dirt, sand, and gravel.

At the core of this remarkable machine lies a set of extraordinary capabilities. Picture a vacuum that effortlessly lifts a jaw-dropping 35 pounds of sand and gravel up to 16 vertical feet in just 42 seconds. Thanks to Cat 6 Tools, LLC’s specialized tangential inlet and low loss vacuum hose, this vacuum consistently delivers exceptional results. Boasting a suction power of 140 inches of water and an impressive airflow rate of 140 CFM, it effortlessly secures its position at the pinnacle of the shop vacuum market. In fact, it can suck up 5 gallons of water in seconds.

Efficient Tangential inlet for filter protection and maximum airflow.

This vacuum meets the unique needs of professionals who require a powerful electric shop vacuum.   As a result in engineering perfection this system easily works with sand and gravel.  Cat 6 Tools, LLC, renowned for their vacuum-assisted post hole diggers, has designed this system to seamlessly integrate into their existing lineup. Available in 8 or 16-gallon sizes, it comes equipped with a tangential side inlet and 8 feet of 2 inch ID hose, ensuring maximum airflow rates and optimal efficiency.


Despite its formidable capabilities, this vacuum remains remarkably lightweight, tipping the scales at a mere 40 pounds. Don’t let the compact size fool you—the steel drum construction will withstand the powerful suction without collapsing.  Crafted with sturdy handles specifically designed for lifting drums filled with sand or gravel, it combines performance with user convenience. The vacuum’s thoughtful engineering not only enhances its overall efficiency but also simplifies the cleaning process, reducing strain and fatigue.

The most powerful electric shop vacuum uses standard Ridgid replaceable filters.

Additionally, the system includes an easy to use filter holder that uses replaceable Ridgid filters, readily available at any Home Depot store. In addition, this most powerful electric shop vacuum is equipped with a float shut-off mechanism to protect its motor. Also to prioritize user safety, Cat 6 Tools has incorporated a built-in GFCI on the cord.

Whether you’re a professional contractor, landscaper, or passionate DIY enthusiast, the power and versatility of this system will undoubtedly astound you. Bid farewell to underperforming models that struggle with demanding tasks. Cat 6 Tools, LLC’s most powerful electric shop vacuum is here to elevate your cleaning experience to unprecedented heights.

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