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The Best Fuel for 4-Cycle Engines

The Best Fuel for 4 Cycle Engines is an Ethanol Free Fuel


The best fuel for 4 cycle engines is ethanol free. Even though ethanol free fuel does not deteriorate carburetors like gas with ethanol, we strongly recommend, running the engine until the tank is out of gas, so only put into the tank the amount of gas you feel you will use.  This will keep the engine in good shape for your next use, just add the fuel and start the engine.

A lot of times, engines are shut down, with the thought that it will be run again in a few days or so. Typical of human nature, before you know it a year has gone by and your nice little engine needs a bit of carburetor work.  Based on my experience, when an ethanol based fuel is left in an engine, even with stabilizers, after a season the carburetor may need rebuilding.   Even a new engine that has only run for an hour or so, may require a complete carburetor rebuilding after sitting for a year.

One of the best ethanol free fuels available everywhere is TruFuel 4-cycle engineered fuel.  As a result of good engineering, the fuel is specifically formulated for 4 cycle engines, and it comes in cans that are good for long term storage.  In addition you can buy it by the gallon or even smaller amounts.  I personally use the 32oz cans as they are about the amount I typically use in one operation.  If I intend to only run the engine for a short period, I only use the amount I think I will need.  I then run the tank empty in case the engine sits for an extended period.

We strongly recommend ethanol free fuel for the engines we offer at Cat 6 Tools, including our:

Cat 6 Tools Homeowner Swimming Pool Fire Pump

Cat 6 Tools’ engine powered vacuums includ the 4-cycle Makita Engine.

This 4-cycle engine will run for hours on one tank of gas so a small can of TruFuel ethanol free fuel works perfectly.   It is easy to carry and easy to pour the fuel from the can into the engine tank without a funel.

Makita Gasoline Powered Vacuum Pail with 7 gallon steel pail


This Gasoline Powered Vacuum Filter Drum is 16 gallons with a Makita Engine.


As advertised, TruFuel 4-cycle fuel is ethanol-free.  The formulation contains a proprietary additive technology to ensure smoother startups and superior trigger response. As a result this fuel offers an advantage you can hear and feel. Your 4-cycle equipment will start and run noticeably better, last longer and need fewer major repairs. Because this fuel comes in metal cans that are easy to store for long periods it is simple and easy to use.




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