8-inch Fence Posts 

This product is a great tool for cutting through hardpan clay to put in some steel pipe for a heavy gate. Whenever we hit some small rocks, we pulled the digger and used the vacuum house to lift them out. The digger worked well even when we hit some tree roots. We just lifted the digger, and did a little fishing to pull up the cut roots and then back in to finish the hole. The blades are remarkably strong and do a great job. We reamed the 5-foot holes with the 8″ Reamer and the 8″ steel pipe posts fit in perfect.

We backfilled with the fine soil from the vacuum container and vibrated the post and it was in solid.  The Holey-Moley Digger is a fine tool.  testimonials 1

Roger – Santa Paula, CA

Underground Emergency Kit

After going through the Northridge Earthquake, the Holey-Moley digger and cache tube system seemed like a great idea. The assembled kit was ready to go, all that was needed was readily available sewer pipe. It was easy to dig five-foot holes and ream them to 8-inch diameter for an 8-inch PVC casing. The six-inch digger pipe easily converted to a cache tube with the cache tube kit.

The instructions were easy to follow. The digger was made to dig through the San Fernando Valley hardpan and it worked extremely well. The Holey-Moley is an impressive system.  My emergency kit is outside the house for easy access. testimonials 2

Lou – San Fernando, CA

Deep and Safe

After being robbed a few times it was time to hide the valuables. The Holey-Moley arrived in an inconspicuous box. I went to a local pipe company and picked up some free slightly discolored 6-inch PVC sewer pipe, cut it in 5-foot lengths and threw it in the car along with the recommended 2-inch PVC pipe. The pipe converted to a nice cache tube.  The valuables are now deep and safe. testimonials 3

Jose – Orange County, CA

Happy Wife – Finished Fence

I hate digging holes and had 10 holes to dig for 4×4 posts. After trying all sorts of diggers I ended up using an impact drill to slowly get down. After one foot, I hit hard clay. I stopped with 5 partially dug holes that needed two more feet. My wife was upset and the easy fence project became a painful one. I saw that Holey-Moley Digger and ordered the 4-1/2” Fence Post Hole Digger. It arrived on time and well packaged. I kept the heavy-duty box for storing my digger.   The parts went together easily, it even had extra bolts and nuts. I hooked it up to my shop vacuum and I finished the 5 holes in an easy hour.

Fantastic! I complete 5 new holes in the same day.  The shop vacuum does a great job of getting the dirt out of the hole so the rotating back and forth is easy. I shaved the corners of the 4×4 posts a little and they went into the holes for a perfect fit. I called Titus Nelson, the inventor, and owner of the company, and he spent more than an hour talking with me to make sure everything was okay. He even followed up with a few calls to see how things were going. The bottom line, thanks to the Holey-Moley Digger, my wife is happy. testimonials 4

Neil – Oceanside, CA

Vertical Drain Pipe – No More Standing Water

Watching this Holey-Moley Post Hole digger go down into the ground is quite amazing. It defies logic. You get down a few feet and open up the Shop-Vac and there is nothing but dust and gravel. The PVC pipe concept for a digger is quite innovative as it gives you a lot of flexibility on pipe length. The kit comes with an extra coupling for adding an extension. I recommend you cut your 6” pipe and the 2” pipe the same length. The extra sample 2″ pipe in the kit used with one of the extra 2” couplings gets your suction pipe to the right length above the handle. I dug my holes 8 feet deep and then installed French Drain pipe with holes into the ground and filled them with gravel to help drain the low spots in my back yard.  No more standing water spots. The Holey-Moley Digger did the job. testimonials 5

Rob – San Fernando, CA

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