Holey Moley Fence Post Hole Digger

Super Fast Fence Post Hole Digger – Time Lapse

LLFEvery once in a while a unique and ingenious invention comes along.  Most noteworthy of these, the Super Fast Fence Post Hole Digger is creating a lot of excitement.  Due to its creative design, the Holey-Moley digger is classic American ingenuity. You will instantly appreciate seeing this Super Fast Fence Post Hole Digger in action.  Created by Titus Nelson, a professional engineer and innovator, the digger is being touted as a return of American ingenuity.  The hole digging arena hasn’t seen this much excitement since the John Soheidler of Coldwater, MI patent of January 27, 1880.  Who would think that digging holes would be improved upon.



Super Fast Fence Post Hole Digger

Some inventions defy logic as they appear to operate in a world of their own.  As inventions go, on-lookers that spy on the Holey-Moley Digger end up with mouths agape and are mesmerized by its grandeur. In addition to open mouths, they hesitate to be the first to exhibit the excitement over what they see. The Holey-Moley Digger, a rare device is effortless to operate as if millions of tiny mythical creatures busily dig the dirt out of the hole and transport it through the tubing to the shop vacuum.  When the digger is pulled out of the perfectly round hole, the first word one hears is Holey! Moley!

Beautiful Logo for the Super Fast Fence Post Hole Digger

The creative Holey-Moley Digger logo shows a cute little mole peeking out from under its hard hat.  The little mole proudly rests on the edge of the hole it just dug with the Super Fast Fence Post Hole Digger



Super Fast Fence Post Hole Digger – Time Lapsed Video

This slick 90 second video below provides a time-lapsed glimpse of the Digger in operation.   Due to the high penetration rate of 12-inches a minute,  this digger seems to operate effortlessly.  In addition to the high penetration rate, this digger digs deep straight, uniform holes. You won’t be disappointed as you soon get a glimpse into the perfectly round clean hole.  The digger will collapse for easy transport.   One of the best parts of this short video is the sound of the dirt and gravel going through the hose.  While it is not a universal tool for all digging requirements, this tool comes close. The interchangeable heads can meet most post hole digging needs. In conclusion, this digger, made in the USA, is easy to use and it digs beautiful holes!  For more information see the Holey-Moley Post Hole Digger.


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