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The “Super” Clay Post Hole Core Digger

A core drill is a unique tool, usually tipped with diamonds for drilling holes in rock.  Most people didn’t give a hoot about core drills until now! At one time or another, many many post hole diggers have probably considered a diamond drill when digging in hard clay. The Post Hole Core Digger by Cat 6 Tools, should be called the “Super” Digger because it screams when digging through clay soils.



Titus Nelson with his “Super Clay Post Hole Core Digger”

The “Super” Post Hole Core Digger

The Post Hole Core Digger invented, by Titus Nelson, a professional engineer,  targets hard and wet clay soils.  These soils are at the extreme ends of the soil hardness spectrum. Extremely hard or saturated, wait for another day wet, clays are the most difficult soils to dig a fence post hole in. The Super Digger may very well be the breakthrough for Georgia Red, Texas Black, Utah Red, LA Adobe, Alabama and many other hard clays. When you hear those names you know what we’re talking about.

Who would have believed it!

Who would have believed it, here is another logic defying innovation, by Titus Nelson.   This tool operates in a world of its own.  It is the first post hole digger that uses a standard shop vacuum to lift a plug out of the ground. It also uses the exhaust side of the vacuum to help expel the plug from the digger head.  This digger was made specifically for uniform clays.  Clay soil loaded with gravel is a very challenging soil for any type of post hole digger.  However, the “Super Clay Core Hole Digger still cuts through small rocks and grinds through the gravel.

As Nelson explained, “What is not apparent from watching the following video is the vacuum pulling close to 80 pounds of downward force on the digger teeth which helps the digger easily penetrate tough ground”.  This vacuum assisted attribute becomes more apparent as the digger seems to effortlessly pull itself into the ground.  This is why it works so well in uniform ground especially wet clay and hard packed clay soils

The Core Digger – One Cool Tool

Cat 6 Tools – Clay Post Hole Core Digger Unassembled


Recently described by a Texas rancher as “The nastiest of the nasty” when it comes to tools for putting posts in the ground. The Holey-Moley Core Hole Digger, comes with a replaceable steel blade. Blades options will soon be available for the most demanding soil type.  Another point, this digger is easy to use.  Whether you are a rancher, home owner, or fencing professional, you will enjoy this new tool to fight some of the nastiest ground in the country.

The “Super” Digger is another one of Titus Nelson’s examples of classic American ingenuity in progress.   His Holey-Moley Post Hole Core Digger uses a shop vacuum to “clean while you dig,” and is truly amazing to watch.  This Super Digger defies logic as it digs a thin core hole.  Down it goes!  And what is most exciting, after a foot or so you lift out a clay plug leaving behind a beautiful, uniform, smooth, perfectly round post hole. When it comes to digging holes this is one of the coolest tools yet. It is beautiful too! The gold color plating makes it worthy of sitting in the corner of your study just for conversation.

Beautiful Logo

The little Holey Moley Mole, has the same smile that users have after digging post holes in “nasty ground” with any of the Holey-Moley Diggers.


The Super Clay Post Hole Core Digger in Action

The video below running at 4:57 minutes shows the complete process for digging a 6-inch diameter hole 2-feet deep. The video provides a real time glimpse of the Holey-Moley Post Hole Core Digger in operation.   The 6-inch inch digger effortlessly penetrates the ground. The 12 inch per minute penetration rate is impressive to watch. You won’t be disappointed as you get a glimpse into the perfectly round clean hole.  The digger also collapses for easy transport.   The best part of this short video is watching the plug come out of the digger head.  Impressive is not enough to describe this innovative tool.  It digs great holes and is “Made In The USA.  For more information see the Cat 6 Tools, LLC web page and the Holey-Moley Post Hole Digger product page.


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