Use the shop vacuum weight calculator to determine the weight of material in your shop vacuum

How much does your shop vacuum weigh when full of dirt?  Use the Shop Vacuum Weight Calculator!

Rigid WD19560 Shop Vacuum
16 Rigid Shop Vacuum
Sand, Clay, Gravel removed from hole

by Titus Nelson, PE

Inventor of the Holey-Moley Digger

Use the Shop Vacuum Weight Calculator to determine the Total Weight of the soil inside your shop vacuum.  Input (gallons) and Select Soil Type for Density and Soil Type for Swell factor.

In addition, the anticipated soil weight can be helpful when Selecting The Best Hole Digging Shop Vacuum and for determining the size of a Shop Vacuum for digging holes.

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Shop Vacuum Weight Calculator

This calculator outputs the hole volume in cubic feet and gallons, soil weight in pounds, based on selected soil densities and input hole dimensions. It also provides removed soil volume based on selected soil swell factors.

Input – Gallons for volume of shop or material inside

1. Input number of gallons

Select – Soil or material Density in Drop Down

2. Select material Density Drop Down for the material in Shop Vacuum

Select – Soil or material Swell Factor in Drop Down

3. Select the Swell Factor Drop Down for material in Shop Vacuum (use same material selected for Density

Output (Weight)

1. Total Weight – Pounds

2. Total Volume – Gallons


This Shop Vacuum Weight Calculator makes it easy to calculate the weight of soil or material in a shop vacuum, which can be helpful when using a Holey-Moley Fence Post Hole Digger.

Because soils are surprisingly heavy, it is helpful to know what weight you are dealing with inside your shop vacuum.  This will help prevent damage to the shop vacuum and back injury from moving a heavy shop vacuum.