Cat 6 Tools Holey-Moley Digger and Vacuum Product Reviews


  1. “The holeymoley digger really allows for much less stress and strain on the spine with improved biomechanics-great job!”                                                                                                         Chris Houtakker, D.C.,C.C.S.T.                                        Chiropractor – web site 
  2. Titus, I used the digger yesterday, WOW is all I can say. The first hole the ground was wet so clogging was occurring.  In addition, I ran into rocks up to 3”. it took about 20 mins to get 3’. Hole #2 the ground was dry and the digger took off, 3’ in 5 mins lots of rocks, same as the other hole. Hole 3# is where it really took off. Learned a lot. I can’t thank you enough for a great product. I used foam instead of concrete to set the posts. With such a clean hole it was really fast to dig and set the posts.                                                                                  Thank you           T H Eng/DesignerBurien Washington
  3. For me, the digging season is over now, but I couldn’t resist trying at least one of the tools.  It’s not a magic wand, but there’s no doubt that this system works. Amazing!   I’ll be able to leave a much more comprehensive review later this year, but so far I’m impressed.  I need to dig precie holes in precise areas by myself.  Powered augers were my other option, and they’re heavy, require lifting once they get stuck , require resistance to a large amount of torque, and leave a mess everywhere. Your tools are industrial, easy to assemble, easy to use, an just require an understanding of technique – namely – let the vac do the work!  I actually caught myself scooping out small stones by hand before I thought;  what the heck am I doing?  I then used the vac and completed the hole quickly.  I’m also amazed that the air gap between the hose and tool does not significantly impact the suction.  At first I thought I had to shim that up with tape or something.  Then I read the instructions and realized that the gap is there by design – to allow the tool to swivel.  In all honesty, the hose itself allows for that swiveling motion – no need for the gap.  But the loose fit does allow one to easily attach and detach the hose, which happens a lot while digging.