This rectangular hole volume weight calculator computes hole volume in cubic feet and gallons and the weight and volume of soil removed from a rectangular hole


rectangular hole volume weight calculator
Rectangular Hole Calculator

Rectangular Hole Volume Weight Calculator

by Titus Nelson, PE

Inventor of the Holey-Moley Digger

Use the following Rectangular Hole Volume Weight Calculator to determine the volume of a rectangular hole. The output is in (cubic feet) and (gallons).  In addition the weight of the soil removed is shown in pounds. The new volume in (cubic feet) and (gallons) is also computed based on soil swell factor.  The calculated numbers can be used to determine the amount of soil that a Shop Vacuum will have to remove in Cubic Feet and Gallons and  Soil Weight in pounds.

These numbers are useful when selecting a shop vacuum as described in the blog article on Selecting The Best Hole Digging Shop Vacuum and for determining the size of a Shop Vacuum for digging holes.  Also see the blog page on Digging Deep, Straight, Uniform Holes with a Shop-Vac for more information.

Rectangular Hole Volume Weight Calculator

This calculator outputs the hole volume in cubic feet and gallons, soil weight in pounds, based on selected soil densities and input hole dimensions. It also provides removed soil volume based on selected soil swell factors.

Input – Select Density

1. Select Soil Type for Density

2. Select Soil Type (same as above) for Swell factor

Input – Hole Length, width, depth

3. Input Hole Length in inches

4. Input Hole Width in inches

5 Input Hole Depth in inches

Output (Volume)

1. Hole Volume – Cubic Feet

2. Hole Volume – Gallons

Output (Weight)

3. Soil Weight – Pounds

Swell Volume (increased volume after removal from hole)

4. Soil Volume – Cubic Feet

5. Soil Volume – Gallons


This Rectangular Hole Volume Weight Calculator makes it easy to calculate the volume of a rectangular hole, the weight and volume of soil removed from the hole, which can be helpful when using a Portable Engine Driven Shop Vacuum and for determining the size of a shop vacuum canister required to hold the removed soil.