This PVC Pipe Water Volume Calculator determines the volume of PVC Pipe based on input diameter and length and computes the total weight when filled with water.

Assembled Survival Cache Kit with 2 ft of PVC Pipe

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    PVC Pipe Water Volume & Weight Calculator

    by Titus Nelson, PE

    Inventor of the Holey-Moley Digger

    Use the following Calculator to determine the volume of a standard PVC pipe, determine how much water it will hold, and its weight. The output is in (cubic inches) and (cubic feet).  In addition the volume is shown in gallons as well as its total weight when filled with water.  The input values for pipe diameter are for standard available pipe diameters.

    PVC cache tubes are perfect for holding water.  With a simple O-Ring cap and sealed cap, the new container will hold water for a lengthly period of time.   The calculator below is especially relevant and easy to use for designing a making an emergency water container. Just input the diameter and length of the pipe and you will know exactly how much water it will hold.

    Try it out.  Input 6 inches for the pipe diameter and 24 inches for the length.  You can make this from our Survival Cache Tube Kit  offered in kit form.   You will see that pipe section alone will hold 2.86 gallons.   Not too shabby for a quick grab and go container.

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    PVC Pipe Water Volume & Weight Calculator

    This calculator outputs the hole volume in cubic feet and gallons, soil weight in pounds, based on selected soil densities and input hole dimensions. It also provides removed soil volume based on selected soil swell factors.


    1.  Select Pipe Diameter (Inches)

    2.  Enter Pipe Length (Inches)

    Output (Volume)

    1. Pipe Volume (Cubic Inches)

    2. Pipe Volume (Cubic Feet)

    3. Pipe Volume (Gallons)

    Output (Weight)

    4. Full Pipe Water Weight (Pounds)

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