Wet Dry Drum Filter Lid


  • Filter Separator Wet Dry Drum Lid

  • Fits 8 and 16 gallon drums

  • Drums should have a tangential or side inlet

  • Uses Standard Ridgid Filters

  • Ideal accessory lid for Makita Gasoline Powered Vacuum Filter Drums

  • Suction Port for 2-1/2 inch Shop Vac hose adapters

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This Wet Dry Drum Filter Lid is primarily suited as an accessory to the Gasoline Powered Filter Drum 8 and 16 gallons.

This wet dry drum lid filter is perfect for replacing the Makita vacuum head on gasoline powered filter drums.  This converts the drum into a wet dry filter drum for use with standard shop vacuums. For indoor or outdoor use.

Filter Separator Drum Lid for 8 and 16 gallon drums with wet/dry filter


This Filter Separator Drum lid fits 8 and 16 gallon drums.


Filter Separator Drum Lid showing Ridgid wet/dry Filter holder


Turn your Gasoline Powered Vacuum Filter Drum into a wet/dry vacuum filter drum by just replacing the lid.


Makita Engine Vacuum Tangential Filter Drum 8 -16 gallon



Tangential Filter Separator 8 Gal Steel Drum with wet/dry filter lid.


Tangential Filter Separator 8 gallon drum with Filter Separator lid with wet/dry Ridgid Filter Holder


This Wet Dry Vacuum Filter Drum Lid uses Ridgid and CleanStream filters.

Because there are a number of filters available for this Vacuum Filter Drum Lid, it provides versatility in vacuum systems for the work place.

  1. VF4000 1-Layer PleatedEvery Day Dirt 
  2. VF5000 3-Layer Fine Dust Filter 
  3. VF6000 5-Layer HEPA Media Filter 
  4. VF7000 Foam Wet Application Filter
Filter Bucket Accommodates Ridgid and CleanStream filters.

If you like those GoreTex washable CleanStream Filters, they also fit on this filter holder assembly.

Not only does this Wet Dry Vacuum Filter Drum Lid use Ridgid Vacuum filters but it also uses CleanStream Air Filters.  For more information click here for the CleanStream Air Filter 09092 or 09093. These GORE® CleanStream® Wet Dry Vacuum Filters are cleanable and long lasting.

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Weight 6 lbs
Dimensions 16 × 16 × 12 in