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Vacuum Hose Connector Slip-Fit


  • Vacuum Hose Connector

  • Hose Cuff-to-Hose Cuff

  • For 2-1/2″ Low Loss Vacuum Hose

  • Made of tough PETG Plastic

  • Stays connected resists tugging


This Vacuum Hose Connector Slip-Fit connects Cuff-to-Cuff and easily couples two 2-1/2″ hoses together.

Cat 6 Tools provides this Slip-Fit Vacuum Hose Connector for quick and easy hose coupling.  In addition, the company also has a Threaded Connector for a more permanent hose-to-hose connection.  This Slip-Fit Connector is made of high quality PETG plastic.  Because of its unique design, this connector won’t kink and is made for high flow rate.  As a result, those that are using this vacuum hose for digging or working with the Hoey-Moley Post Hole Diggers, will find very little flow losses resulting from the connection.

This connector works with all standard shop vacuum hose connectors such as Amazon,  Ridgid, or Craftsman.

Hose Connector for 2-1/2″ Low Loss hose

This Cuff Connector will resist decoupling from tugging.

Because of their unique design, this hose connector with the hard hose cuffs shown have a unique staying power to keep connected.  With a slight bending motion, the connection easily comes apart.


Hose-Cuff-to-Hose-Cuff connection


The design of these connectors minimizes resistance.

When dirt is being moved through vacuum hoses, connections are important.  It is especially valuable to use low loss hoses to improve the performance of shop vacuums when digging holes.  This concept becomes especially apparent when digging with the Holey-Moley Diggers where  shop vacuum performance is critical.  Here is a good blog article Holey-Moley Digger Vacuum and Hose Requirements that discusses hose requirements when digging.

Shop Vac Comparison Testing reveals the facts about hose length and moving dirt.

When moving dirt with a shop vac, hose length plays a significant role in performance.   For instance, here is a good blog article on shop vacuum performance that includes testing different lengths of hose.  Most importantly in the test results was the proof that cutting the hose length in half doubled the rate of picking up sand and gravel.  As a result, a hose connector will make an important contribution to performance and should be low loss.

Low Loss Vac Hose (2″ ID, 2-1/2″ OD) is available on this web site.  This hose is especially useful when moving dirt.

Commercial Grade Low Loss Vacuum Hose with smooth borer 2-1/2′ OD, 2″ ID. Direct replacement for standard 2-1/2″ shop vac hose.

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