Vacuum Drum Filter Separator


  • Available 10 and 16 gallon drums

  • Tangential Inlet – fits standard 2-1/2″  shop vac hose – 2″ ID

  • Includes 1 Standard Filter 

  • Includes two hoses, 4 feet and 8 feet

  • Powder Coated Steel Drum

  • High quality locking lid latches

  • Steel handles for easy carry

Limited Inventory – allow 3 to 4 weeks for build if not in stock.

Note: Gray is no longer available, our new color is Black. 

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BThis Vacuum Drum Filter Separator is the best drum separator made.

This highly durable Vacuum Drum Filter Separator is wet/dry,10 or 16 gallons.   In addition the powder coating on the drum is the perfect long lasting rust preventative.  Our sticker “Made is the USA” also refers to quality.   Because we are proud of our products, we use top quality components for longevity. Every part is made to last right down to the stainless steel hardware where it counts.

The tangential inlet is light weight where it counts and has 2″ steel tubing where you expect it to be. Besides all this, this drum uses standard Ridgid Filters available at Home Depot.



cat-6-tools-filter-separator-drum-tangential-inlet-10-16 gallon

This Vacuum Drum will not disappoint you.

Because Cat 6 Tools, focuses on the customer requirements,  cost savings and convenience where it counts is built in to our products.  Therefore this unit uses Standard Ridgid Shop Vacuum Filters available most anywhere.   From high quality HEPA filters to single ply high flow rate filters we have you covered.  In addition, these 10 gallon and 16 gallon drums are suitable for wet/dry operation.

When the drum is full, air flow is automatically shut off to prevent liquids from going down stream to your vacuum system. Furthermore, we haven’t cut corners, the powder coating on these drums,  inside and out,  provide for long term use in wet environments.

Install in front of your shop vacuum

Ridgid Shop Vacuum shown attached to 16 gallon filter drum with 4ft of low loss hose. Drum comes with 8 feet of low loss hose.

This is the best vacuum drum filter on the market.



These steel drums with tangential inlet provide  a rugged highly efficient vacuum container to protect your vacuum system.

Wet-Dry Filter holder has float shutoff.



Uses any standard Ridgid Shop Vacuum filter for wet or dry use.


Vacuum Filter Drum wet/dry 10 and 16 gallons Use standard Ridgid Filters

These Vacuum Filter Drums, 10-16 gallons use standard Ridgid Vacuum Filters. As a result, they are available at HomeDepot. Because we allow for the highest flow rate, our vacuum filter drums come with a single ply white filter.  In addition, washable Core Tex filters made by Clean Stream are also available at HomeDepot.

For a washable filter, Clean Stream

The filter holder accommodates Ridgid and CleanStream filters.


We use the best hardware available

As a result of deanding environments, most of the hardware for these drums are made of stainless steel or plated for long term protection. Because of their design, these handles are easy to use with large hands even with gloves.


Don’t worry about loading up your drum with heavy materials like wet gravel. These handles won’t fail.


These lid holding latches are of stainless steel and include an easy to use locking mechanism that prevents accidental opening.


Strong Stainless Steel or Aluminum handles work with heavy weight, and large hands,

Engineering design for digging

Our Vacuum Filter Drum wet/dry 10 and 16 gallons include specific requirements for Holey Moley Diggers.  Therefore, you can vacuum up 1-1/2″ gravel, wet or dry, without damaging the filter.

As with all Holey-Moley Digger products, this vacuum drum works with Holey Moley diggers.


Drum inlet works with standard 2-1/2″ shop vacuum hose with 2″ hose cuffs.


High efficiency tangential inlet includes steel tubing where it counts. Cyclonic pre-filter action saves your filter from the bad stuff.

Vacuum Filter Drum wet/dry 10 and 16 gallons – YouTube Videos

8 Gallon Vacuum Filter Drum – 0:41  New Release


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Additional information

Weight 25 lbs
Dimensions 20 × 20 × 20 in
Vacuum Filter Drum

8 gallon 2-92-1403-08-01, 10 gallon 2-92-1403-10-01, 16 gallon 2-92-1403-16-01


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