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US Ranger Digital Pocket Scale


Maximun Capacity 100g
Minimum Capacity 0.01g
Weighing Modes g,oz, gn,ct,ozt,dwt
Power 2 x AAA
Overall Size 5.50″ x 3.25″ x 0.75″
Platform Size 3″ x 2.5″
Colors Green
Calibration Mass 50g

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The US Ranger Digital Pocket Scale is one of the finest little pocket scales available.  It fits in any shirt pocket making it easily accessible for quick weighing.   This scale is well known as the “Professional Precision Pocket Scale” and rightfully so.  It has a precision of 0.1g and comes in handy for weighing precision items such as gold and silver coins, diamonds and other precious metals.   In addition this scale can accurately weigh gun powder for a reloading check or field loading. Need to check a bullet weight, its easy to take out of your pocket, turn it on and start weighing.

  • Pocket Scale 100g x 0.1g
  • 6 Modes – g, oz, gn, dwt, ozt, ct
  • Backlit LCD Display
  • 2 AAA batteries included ready to go – 2 spares
  • Stainless Steel Platform
  • Flip Top Cover
  • 1 50g calibration weight
  • 10 Year Warranty



Its ready to go

This nice little scale comes ready to go with two AAA batteries.  It had a beautiful easy to ready Backlit LCD Display.  In addition, it has a nice Stainless Steel Platform. Finally it closes up into a well protected pocket scale for sticking into your pocket or pack.

US Ranger Digital Pocket Scale Modes

The US-Magnum-1000XR is has other unique little secrets. It weighs in 6 different modes including:

  • g – grams
  • oz – ounces
  • gn – grains
  • dwt – pennyweight
  • ozt – troy ounces
  • ct – carets

This scale can count

In addition to being accurate, this beautiful little pocket scale can count.   All you do is place 10 parts on the scale.  After they are weighed, you press the PCS button and you are ready to start counting parts. You can count pills, vitamins, coins, screws and just about anything you can think of.



The US Ranger Digital Pocket scale is easy to put into Tare Mode.   As an example you can measure liquids. Just put a small container on the scale and press TARE. The scale will zero out and you can then add liquid for precision measurement.  If you need to combine liquids, just press TARE again, the scale will zero again. Then just add the second liquid.

Comes with Calibration weight and screwdriver

The perfect gift

US Ranger Digital Pocket Scale
US Ranger Digital Pocket Scale


Besides coming in a beautiful box for storage and protection, this box makes for a perfect gift. If you want to see your friend’s face light up, just hand them one of these beautiful little boxes.   Wait till they open it up and try it.  The Magnum Digital Pocket Scale is a gift that will be used all the time.


Lastly this fantastic Magnum Digital Pocket Scale has a 10 year warranty.

For more information at US Balance for the Ranger Pocket Scale.

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