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Universal Vacuum Assisted Post Hole Digger Kit


Universal Post Hole Digger Kit

  • Comes in two parts – Kit A (handle & tubing) Kit B – (digger heads)

  • Includes 3 Holey-Moley Digger heads 4″, 5″, 6″

  • Each head has a Blade Guard

  • Handle and tubing for digging to 8 foot depths

  • Unique digger heads with short extension for rapid head change

  • Wrench for tubing connection bolts

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The Universal Vacuum Assisted Post Hole Digger kit is made for commercial work or the Rental Market where quick change in digger sizes can be accomplished in seconds.

This kit comes in two parts Kit A and Kit B

  • Kit A – Contains the digger handle and extension enough to dig an 8 foot deep hole.

    • 1 – Handle

    • 2 – 27.5 inch extensions

    • 1 – 36 inch extension

    • 1 – 14 inch extension





  • Kit B -This compact kit is all inclusive with three digger heads:

    • 4 inch Digger Head with blade guard

    • 5 inch Digger Head with blade guard

    • 6 inch Digger Head with blade guard




With the digger heads attached to the universal short adapter, it only takes two bolts to assembly them to the digger vacuum tube which can be done in seconds.

Universal Vacuum Assisted Post Hole Digger Kit digger heads.




Universal Vacuum Assisted Post Hole Digger Kit for digger heads


Each digger head in the Universal Vacuum Assisted Post Hole Digger Kit has a blade guard to protect users and eqipment form damage from the sharp teeth and dowels of the digger.


Holey-Moley Digger Blade Guard






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Universal Digger Kit

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