Universal Fire Tool Kit


  • The most complete fire fighting tool kit available.
  • Universal Handle
  • Combination Pulaski
  • Universal Shovel Tool
  • Grass Fire Swatter

Includes Pulaski blade guard.
Total Kit Weight Approx. 13.5 pounds.

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Universal Fire Tool Kit

The Universal Fire Tool Kit is the best wildfire hand tool system to equip a firefighters for fighting any wildfire in any ecosystem, anywhere on earth.

Used by professionals

Combination Pulaski Fire Tool
Combination Pulaski Fire Tool

The Universal Fire Tool Kit contains Four of the world’s best fire tools

This kit contains of the following tools:

  1. The Firefighter Tool Universal Handle
  2. Combination “Magnum Pulaski” Firefighter’s Tool
  3. Universal Shovel/Mcloud Fire “Troop Tool”
  4. Firefighter’s Grass Fire “Dragon Swatter”

This, lightweight, 12 pound tool kit is unique.  It has everything a Professional Fire Fighter or a Urban Homeowner needs for fighting fires. The kit consists of the Shovel for digging and throwing dirt.  In addition, the kit includes the McLeod.  Use it for scraping grass and soil for making fire trails.  Another fine tool in the kit is the combination Pulaski.  Use it for cutting small trees and brush. Use the grub hoe for removing top soil on fire trails.  A further addition to the kit is the Firefighter’s Grass Fire Swatter.  Use it for swatting out fast moving turf grass fires.  Finally, all these tool heads work with the Universal Firefighter Tool Handle.

As a result, these tools make the kit compact and easy to use. Hence you end up with the perfect combination of light weight, durable, quick change fire tools.  Consequently, this kit meets the demands of most firefighters for fighting most wildfires.

Got a fire?  Just grab two tools and run!

The Universal Fire Tool Kit is made for selecting a primary tool and a secondary tool.  Rarely are all three needed on a single fire.

For brush and sage fire, connect the Shovel/McLeod to the tool handle.  As a result, this is your primary tool.  Stick the Pulaski Head (your secondary tool) in your pack. In this situation, the Swatter has no use.

However, if you have a grass fire,  attach the Swatter to the tool handle.  As a result, this is your primary tool.  Throw the Pulaski Head (your secondary tool) in your pack.  In this situation the Shovel/McLeod has no use.

With the Universal Fighter’s Tool Kit you are balanced and ready and  equipped to go anywhere to do effective work on any wildfire.

Universal Fire Tool Kit Parts

1 – Firefighter Tool “Universal Handle”

This tool  weighs in at 2.1 pounds, is 37 inches long and is made of Hickory.  This specially engineered wooden handle with snap-lock fitting, is 3 inches longer and approximately twice the strength of a traditional Pulaski handle. In addition the hardened-aluminum CNC-manufactured male fitting threads into and locks into all Quick Change Tool Heads. Finally, the Universal Firefighter’s Tool Handle is replaceable.

2 – Combination “Magnum Pulaski” Firefighter’s Tool

This tool weighs in at 3.3 pounds. It has high-carbon steel replaceable axe and grub-hoe blades.  Another attribute is the 6-inch wide grub-hoe blade is twice the width of the traditional Pulaski blade.  Additionally, the composite tool head snap-locks onto the Universal Firefighter’s Tool Handle. Finally, the balance of this tool has the center of tool mass at handle Quick Connect.

The Pulaski head and Universal Handle has the same weight as the traditional Pulaski. However the longer reach provides for more powerful blows for swift easy cutting.  The Pulaski includes orange blade guards with elastic webbing.  Additionally, two stainless screws are included in the webbing.  These are for attaching an emergency handle if needed.

3 – Universal Shovel/McLeod “Troop Tool”

This tool weighs in at 3.7 pounds. This universal tool, with a push-button, adjusts quickly from a shovel to a McLeod.  Its easy to shift from throwing dirt to scrapping lines. This tool adjusts easily for mixing and chinking during mop-up. As a result of the push-button adjustment, the tool combines features of the traditional military trenching shovel. It easily converts to the McLeod rake. Likewise, the composite steel shovel easily snap-locks onto the Universal Handle. Finally, the tool head stows flat for travel. In this position it can serve as a safety staff for cross- country travel.  It makes travel on steep and uneven ground easier.

4 – Firefighter’s Grass Fire “Dragon Swatter”

This tool weighs in at 3.2 pounds. The ergonomic design is specifically for beating tough turf grassland fires where root mass or organic material prevents easy scraping of fire line down to mineral soil. The Swatter head snap-locks onto the Universal Handle to create an extend reach tool 81-inches in total length.

The perfect tool kit for 4 wheel vehicles

Four Wheelers travel a lot in the back country off highways.  The vegetation varies from forest to grass. Many of these areas are away from initial response fire crews.  Be prepared with the Universal Fire Tool Kit.  Its a compact, highly effective fire tool kit. These are quality fire tools you can trust.  They have stood up to the test of experienced fire crews.

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Talk with a professional firefighter

If you have a questions about these fire tools or fire equipment offered by Cat 6 Tools, call and talk with Titus Nelson at Cat 6 Tools.  He fought fires with the U. S. Forest Service with the well known Texas Canyon Hotshots on the Angles Forest north of Los Angeles.   He also served 7 years as a Smokejumper in the Pacific North West and with the BLM in Alaska.  In addition, he has direct experience with all sorts of fire tools, including the fire shovel, McLeod, Pulaski, and the brush hook.  And finally,  he has extensive experience with all sorts of axes, chain saws, and portable gas engine powered fire pumps.

For an interesting article on Smokejumpers tools, read the “The Smokejumper’s Ultimate Toolkit Checklist.

Want to become a Smokejumper?  Checkout the National Smokejumper Association web page for more information.

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