Shop Vacuum Digger Attachments


  • Made for digging around drip irrigation lines

  • Includes 1 double ended hole shaver for hole enlargement

  • Includes 1 toothed digger attachment for digging

  • Fits standard 2-1/2″ shop vacuum hose extensions

  • Fits on standard 2-1/2″ shop vacuum hoses.

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Shop Vacuum Digger Attachments

Cat 6 Tools offers the first Shop Vacuum Digger Attachments.  Made specifically for digging with a shop vacuum, these attachments make hole digging simple especially when working around drip irrigation lines.  The first attachment is the Hole Digger, with pointed teeth to loosen dirt.  The second attachment is the Hole Shaver with sharp edges to shave down the sides of holes. These are perfect attachments to accompany Holey-Moley Post Hole Diggers and Post Hole Core Diggers.

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The Hole Shaver (left) and the Hole Digger (right) attached to 2-1/2″ vacuum hoses or extension. These are made for digging, especially around drip irrigation lines.












These Shop Vacuum Digger Attachments are made for digging.

These two Shop Vacuum Digger Attachments include a toothed Hole Digger and a sharp edge Hole Shaver.  The patented toothed digger adapter has pointed teeth to penetrate the toughest soils as well as airflow holes that maintain a constant air flowing to your shop vacuum which keeps high velocity airflow swirling around in the digging head.  When you think of Cat 6 Tools, think Category 6 Hurricane winds ripping the soil apart leaving only dust and gravel in your shop vacuum.  The second attachment is the Hole Shaver that easily shaves down the sides of holes with the knife edge on the end.  This attachment is reversible so when one end becomes dull, just remove, reverse and reattach to the vacuum extension or vacuum hose and keep digging. Both of these Shop Vacuum Digger Attachments work well with a Post Hole Digger Universal Kit.

The Ridgid WD19560 is one of the best shop vacuums for digging holes if you can find one.

The Hole Digger – Shop Vacuum Digger Attachment

The Hole Digger attaches to any 2-1/2″ shop vacuum hose or hose extension.   This patented constant velocity airflow digger head, maintains high airflow in the digging area for rapid dirt removal.   This is the perfect tool for digging around drip irrigation lines or for assisting in removal of large rocks when digging with a Holey-Moley Post Hole Digger or Holey-Moley Core Digger.

attaches to any-2-1//2"-shop-vacuum-extension
The Digger easily attaches to any 2-1/2″ shop vacuum extension.














The patented hard plastic digger head with digging teeth and constant velocity air holes. The is a powerful addition to shop vacuums used for digging, especially around drip irrigation lines.













The Hole Shaver – Shop Vacuum Digger Attachment

The Hole Shaver attaches to any 2-1/2″ shop vacuum hose or hose extension. In addition, the Hole Shaver has sharp edges on both ends and is reversible.  When one end becomes dull, just reverse and keep digging. The Hole Shaver is made of hard plastic and stands up well in hard or soft soils.  This digger attachment also works well around drip irrigation and is perfect for the home gardener.

The Hole Shaver attaches to 2-1/2″ standard shop vacuum hoses and extensions. The Hole Shaver is used for enlarging holes. Double sided, thus reversible, with sharp edges on both ends.















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