Tilt Drum Filter Separator

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  • Three Wheel Tilt Drum Hand Truck with 13″ wheels

  • Uses Standard Ridgid Filters

  • Comes with 30 gallon steel drum and 12 feet of 2-1/2″ low loss hose

  • Carries up to 400 lbs of dirt, sand, or gravel.

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The Cat 6 Tilt Drum Filter Separator on 3 wheel hand truck for Heavy-Duty Material Handling

The 30 gal Drum Separator by Cat 6 Tools is the ultimate material handling solution for construction, landscaping, and utility services, to name a few.  Because of our engineering, this separator, attached to a Tilt Drum Separator Cart can transport and manage loads like dirt, sand, and gravel with unprecedented ease.

As a result of good engineering, this tilt drum comes standard with The 3 Wheel Hand Truck and a 30 Gallon steel drum. Because of this attention to customer requirements, this robust tilt drum is a game-changer for the heavy-duty task performer.

Furthermore, the separator drum can be easily connected to any vacuum.

Cat 6 Tools Tilt Drum Filter Separator Cart with Filter Lid

Tilt Drum Vacuum Separator Cart fabrication includes high-quality materials, ensuring superior construction and performance.

Because the tilt drum vacuum separator cart is carefully put together by craftsmen using top-quality materials the durability is apparent at first sight.  The Tilt Drum looks like it is made for the harshest of conditions. In addition, we use stainless hardware where durability is paramount. Furthermore the efficient tangential inlet is made with sturdy steel tubing for handling abrasive materials.

Lastly the sleek black gloss finish is of a high-quality powder coating, featuring a saltwater primer for additional protection.


Powder Coated finish with Salt Water primer. Made to last.

30 Gal Tilt Drum Vacuum Separator Drum:

  • Drum Rating: 30 gallon vacuum separator drum has a UN steel drum rating.
  • Coating: Drum has a black powder coating and the cart has a silver powder coating.
  • Primer: The Drum has a Green Primer for Salt Water.
  • Hardware: Many parts are made of stainless steel.

Tilt Drum Vacuum Low Loss Vac Hose:

  • Vacuum Hose: As one might expect, this unit comes with 12 feet of 2-1/2″ OD, 2″ OD Low Loss Vacuum Hose
  • Hose Cuffs: Additionally, the cuffs have easy on/off left hand threads
  • Hard and Soft Cuffs: Even better, for convenience and customer requests, hoses may come with soft cuffs on one end.
Commercial Grade Low Loss Vacuum Hose 2-1/2″ OD, 2″ ID with Hard Cuffs


In addition to its ease of use, this system uses standard Ridgid Filters available at HomeDepot.

  • VF4000 White – Single Ply
  • VF5000 Blue – 3 Ply
  • VF6000 Green – 5 Ply HEPA
  • VF7000 Black – Sponge
  • Gore CleanStream – high efficiency wet/dry
Cat 6 Tools vacuums and separators use standard Ridgid filters.


Tilt Drum Filter Separator Key Features:

  • Versatile Mobility: Because it has large 13″ wheels, the design is specifically for rough terrain as well as smooth concrete floors, ensuring you workflow remains uninterrupted. There is more…
  • Adjustable Wheelbase: In addition, the 32″ wheelbase effortlessly adjusts to navigate through doorways and tight spaces or wider for stability when dumping. But that is not all…
  • Heavy-Duty Capacity: Furthermore, this Tilt Drum has the strength to carry up to 400 pounds, and easily handles most materials including dirt, sand, adn gravel and even wet sand and slurries.   It. gets even better…
  • Dumping Design: As a result of thoughtful engineering, the the cart has optimal height for convenient dumping into standard five-gallon buckets, and has a balance in design for easy tilt operation with a convenient easy to use handle. And there is more…
  • Diverse Compatibility: In addition, this Filter Separator uses standard filters from Home Depot.  It is easy to configure as a Cyclonic Separator with inlet and outlet on the lid for materials that are damp or do not require a filter.
  • Ease of Use: Additionally the drum rotates on reliable bearings, simplifying the dumping of heavy materials with the unique handle design.
  • 30 gallon Vacuum Drum: The drum has a 26-27 gallon operating capacity with the tangential inlet or nearly 30 gallons with the cyclonic inlet.



Wheels easily adjust for placement of a 5 gallon bucket for filling.

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Weight 195 lbs
Dimensions 30 × 30 × 40 in