Survival Cache Tube Kit

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  • Kit includes everything except 6-inch pipe

  • Threaded Cap and Plug with custom O-Ring seal

  • Contains Teflon Tape for plug threads for moisture seal

  • Includes silicon grease for O-Ring to ensure seal

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This Survival Cache Tube Kit is 6-Inch diameter with a Threaded Cap and provides everything you need for making an 6-inch Cache Tube. Therefore, the only requirement is 6-inch D-3034 Sewer pipe in addition to PVC primer and glue.  As a result kit is ideal for customers that already have access to the required pipe and the PVC (primer and glue).  Finally, this eliminates shipping heavy pipe and declaring toxic materials.

Because this Kit includes a threaded access adapter and plug the finished product is a weatherproof enclosure.  Another nice part of the kit is the sample of 6-inch pipe for unmistakable selection of pipe from a local pipe supplier. Many pipe suppliers have damaged 6-inch ASTM D-3034 Sewer Pipe that may be picked up free.

survival cache tube kit
Assembled Kit with 2 feet of Sewer Pipe being inserted into an 8″ casing.


Survival Cache Tube Kit 6-Inch

Most importantly this kit contains everything you need except the 6-inch sewer pipe that is available, sometimes free, from pipe suppliers.

1. Survival Cache Tube Kit – Contents

The kit includes:

  1. Female threaded solvent weld end cap
  2. Threaded male plug
  3. Teflon thread tape
  4. Custom fit O-ring – This is the only kit available with an O-Ring.
  5. Silicone O-ring grease.
  6. Solvent weld cap is provided for bottom.
  7. 20-feet of parachute cord for lowering the cache tube into a hole.
  8. 100-feet of pipe tape to protect the tube and to seal the joints with a secondary seal.



Cache Tube Parts Exploded View

Cache Tube Parts Exploded View

A web site calculator that may help in your cache tube design efforts.





Assembled Kit with 2 ft of PVC Pipe


2. Pipe

A sample of 6-inch D-3034 Sewer Pipe is supplied in the kit for unmistakable selection of pipe from a local pipe supplier. In addition, pipe suppliers and many construction sites may have damaged 6-inch ASTM D-3034 Sewer Pipe available at no cost.

3. Blog Article – Underground Tube Storage

For some of the most complete information on Cache Tubes see our blog article Cache Tube Burial How To Hide Guns In The Ground!

survival cache tube kit with custom 0-ring seal


If you are interested, we also have an expanding plug for sealing your tube inside with an additional water proof barrier.







6-inch Cache Tube with Threaded Cap
6-inch Cache Tube with Threaded Cap
Burying a 5-foot long cache tube in a 10-foot deep hole


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