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Super Magic Fingers Garden Tool


  • 6 Strong Wire Fingers
  • Durable Handle
  • Light Weight – 8 oz
  • Slider Expands Fingers

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Super Magic Fingers Garden Tool

The Super Magic Fingers Garden Tool is one of the finest hand tools for desert gardeners. It saves fingers, hands and gloves from sharp gravel and rocks.  If you have a desert gravel landscape, this is the tool for you. In addition to being a quality prospectors tool to separate gravel, it is also the perfect tool for gardeners that work in dry ground with sharp gravel, stones and rocks.  As a result of the excellent design, this tool save fingers, hands and gloves from those nasty cuts.

Super Magic Fingers Garden Tool is adjustable

The Super Magic Fingers Hand Tool has a tine slider for storing and shipping.  Consequently the slider keeps the tines together to reduce space requirements.  However with a simple push of the spreader toward the handle, the tines spread to any desired position.

Super Magic Fingers Garden Tool Adjustable


To spread the tines apart just move the slider towards the handle.  As a result of this adjustable capability, the tool can be set for small or large gravel.  In addition, it works great in mulch soils to evenly spread the the soil around plants.

Super Magic Fingers Garden Tool keeps your fingers away from the those dangerous critters

In the desert, gardeners invariably run into those dangerous critters such as scorpions, snakes, and spiders.  Use the Super Magic Fingers Garden Tool to work in those areas where you just don’t want to stick your hands and fingers.

The Prospectors Finger Saver

When prospecting, whether working in a cold stream or dry river bed, the super magic fingers will keep the hands out of the cold water and out of the dry finger cracking hot sand.

With a lanyard, this light weight tool remains attached to the wrist or provides a convenient method of just hanging it on a hook.


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Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 2 × 4 in