Special Digger Head for Caliche 6 inch


Fits on any lower vacuum tube universal adapter

  • Specially designed for Caliche

  • Larger tooth profile for digging in hard soils

  • Hard teeth for tough soils

  • Comes in 6 inch diameter only

  • Limited number available

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This Special Digger Head is made for hard soils.

This special digger head is made for Caliche soils. One notable advantage of this Digger Head is the careful engineering design, which incorporates a fewer number of parts over our typical blades. As a result, the streamlining in the design allows for more space within the vacuum volume, enabling the passage of larger stones up to 1-3/4″ in diameter through the vacuum tube. As a result by optimizing the design in this manner, the digger head enhances efficiency and effectiveness in challenging soil environments. In addition, this head has larger face hardened teeth for penetrating the toughest of soils.

The large hardened teeth and larger scraper blades makes this digger ideal for Calichi soils


The Special Digger Head

Because of engineering design, the 6 inch digger head is conveniently suitable for quick attachment to the standard universal adapter using four bolts. Therefore this compatibility ensures that it can be seamlessly put onto any Holey-Moley Digger system without modifications or additional equipment.

  • holey-moley-digger-head-for-caliche-attaches-to-universal-adapter
C6T - Digger Lower Vacuum Tube Assembly
Holey Moley Digger Lower vacuum tube with universal adapter


In summary

In summary, excellent engineering makes this speciali digger head useful for demanding soil conditions. Therefore the laser-cut, larger teeth and flame hardening treatment ensure effective penetration into challenging soils like caliche. Because of the simpler design the vacuum volume capacity is larger.  Consequently it allows for the passage of larger stones, enhancing overall performance. Its compatibility with standard universal adapters makes it a versatile option for integration with any Holey-Moley Digger setup.

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