Shop Vac Hole Digger


  • Shop Vac Hole Digger Kit Requires 2-1/2″ extensions

  • Fits Lowe’s and Home Depot extension wands

  • Use around utilities and drip irrigation lines

  • Mostly plastic for electrical isolation

  • Also fits older style extensions

  • Includes 2 plastic sacrificial digger heads

  • One Aluminum digger head included

  • Handle included with depth stickers for extensions



The vacuum assist Shop Vac Hole Digger provides a low cost method of digging holes in various soil types especially near utilities.

The plastic vacuum assist hole digger parts in this kit, provide electrical isolation. This digger works well around underground utilities. Even after calling 811 to find utility lines, in many cases, laws require actual contact with utility lines before excavation.   In addition, the plastic digger heads in this kit, are sacrificial plastic, to wear and reduce likelihood of cutting into metal or plastic utility lines. Furthermore, these digger heads work well working around drip irrigation systems.

The Shop Vac Hole Digger Kit

The shop vac hole digger kit contains:

  • Handle with bubble level
  • Inch stickers for attaching to vacuum tube
  • Aluminum digger head
  • PETG plastic hole shaver
  • PETG plastic toothed digger head.


Also, included in the kit, is an aluminum digger head that works well in various soils, and is smooth without sharp edges to reduce likelihood of penetrating plastic pipe if contact is made. The plastic digger heads are purposefully “sacrificial” meaning they are made to wear out at the expense of penetrating a utility line.   This is the only plastic digger head made for working around utilities.   It is also perfect for digging in the garden and yard.   Care must always must be taken to prevent damage to utility lines.  Even with this digger, indiscriminate work can damage utilities if one tries hard enough.

That being said, this unit that is more robust than first appears.  Furthermore, it also provides the user a sensitivity, while digging, to the materials the digger head comes in contact with.  In other words, what this digger does best is penetrate the ground providing the user with the best tactile feel when the digging heads come into contact with underground items. That is because of the light touch that this digger provides.  When you feel something, pull the digger and use the other digger heads to help remove dirt until the impingement is exposed.

The perfect “dig first” vacuum assisted plastic hole digger.

Today with water, electrical, internet, gas, sewage, and other buried utility lines, it is a requirement in many states to dig first to find the utility line before doing excavation.   This is the perfect, dig first tool.

This kit does not include vacuum extensions.

Extensions come with vacuums and are not necessary to include them in this kit.  Furthermore, extensions are available at major hardware stores.  However, if you which to purchase extensions, let us know and we will consider including them.  We carry the low loss vacuum hose that improves shop vacuum performance as we discuss below.

The Plastic Handle provides electrical isolation


Aluminum digger head has smooth edges to reduce likelihood of cutting through plastic pipes.

Also, included is an aluminum digger head that works well in various soils, and is smooth without sharp edges to reduce likelihood of penetrating plastic pipe.



The handle and digger heads fit on most shop vacuum 2-1/2 inch hose wands as shown below. At least two vacuum extensions come with shop vacuums.


This is what the Kit and a Shop Vacuum make.

When you purchase a shop vacuum with 2-1/2″ hose, it will include two vacuum extensions.  WIth the Shop Vac Hole Digger kit, you will have a Vacuum Assist Plastic Hole Digger assembly similar to what is shown below.


These Sacrificial Digging Heads are hard enough to dig with, but soft enough to protect utilities.

  • In the kit is a Holey-Moley Digger Head for fast soil removal.

This Digger Head with teeth provides continuous airflow while digging which increases the dirt carrying capacity of the airflow that gets the dirt to the vacuum faster.  Because rotational action generates loose dirt for easy removal there is less dirt in the hole to resist movement thus giving the operator better tactile feel.  It is then easy to judge when to remove the digger to see what is in the bottom of the hole.

Patented high flow rate digging attachment for shop vacuums. Excellent for digging around drip irrigation lines.
Shop vacuum digger head attached to 2-1/2″ shop vacuum wand extension. Excellent for digging around drip irrigation lines


  • The hole shaver provides a sharp edge for shaving down the side of a hole.

When you are digging a hole, it is easier to make the a hole larger by shaving down the sides.  Therefore, this Hole Shaver attachment provides dirt shaving ability to make shaving the sides easier.  In addition, it also allows the shavings to go up the vacuum hose to your shop vacuum.



The two hole digging attachments are also available as accessories.

Improve your shop vacuum performance

Most standard shop vacuum hose is corrugated and adds resistance to airflow.   Therefore, airflow can be improved by 20% with Low Loss Vacuum Hose.

Commercial Grade Low Loss Vacuum Hose with smooth borer 2-1/2′ OD, 2″ ID. Direct replacement for standard 2-1/2″ shop vacuum hose.


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Additional information

Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 11 × 8 × 6 in

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  1. Titus Nelson, PE

    Comments from a customer in Texas:
    Received the product fast and in good shape. It came in a small box to reduce cost and was well packed.
    I love the product with only the essentials. I have my own extensions that come with the shop vac and they are readily available so no need to pay extra for the bigger box it would take.
    Great customer service. I always get someone when I call.
    Lubbock, TX

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