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R46 Gas Powered Multi Stage Rock Crusher


  • RC46 Crusher w/Steel Base
  • Built for continuous operation
  • 1 ton an hour capacity
  • Single Roller – Fine Powder Output – (20-60 mesh)
  • Double Roller – Ultra Fine Powder Output – (60-110 mesh)
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RC46 Gas Powered Multi Stage Rock Crusher

The RC46 Gas Powered Multi Stage Rock Crusher is a high capacity rock crusher that processes 4″x6″ rocks to a pulverized powder in a single pass. This multi sage rock crusher can be purchased as a two stage model (jaw crusher plus single roller mill) or a three stage model (jaw crusher plus double roller mill).

First Stage Jaw Crusher

The first stage of the Multi Stage Rock Crusher is the Jaw Crusher.   This is where the crusher pulverizes the 4″x6″ rock into fine gravel of 1/4″ to 1/8″ size.  The output of this crusher is then gravity feed into the roller mill below it.

Two Stage Crusher

The Multi Stage Rock Crusher – two stage model, includes a jaw crusher plus a single roller mill as shown below.  This unit process 4″x6″ rocks through the Jaw Crusher (on top) down into the Roller Mill (on bottom).  As a result, a single pass will reduce rock to a fine powder of 20 to 60 mesh.

RC46 Rock Crusher
R46 Gas Powered 2 Stage Rock Crusher


Three Stage Crusher

The Multi Stage Rock Crusher, three stage model, includes a jaw crusher and a double roller mill is shown below.  To begin, the unit processes 4″x6″ rocks through the Jaw Crusher (on top).  Next the crushed rock falls down into the Double Roller Mill (on bottom). Finally, an ultra fine powder of 60-110 mesh comes out the bottom of the roller mill.   As a result, a single pass, through this crusher, will reduce rock to an ultra fine powder that would take two passes or more in the two stage single roller model.  As a result this saves production lime.


RC46 3 stage Crusher with Double Roller Mill
RC46 3 stage Crusher with Double Roller Mill
RC46 Double Roller Mill
RC46 Double Roller Mill

High rock crushing capacity

Model RC-46 Rock Crusher is an amazing 3 Stage Compact Rock Crusher. Due to three stages, this model quickly crushes 4″ x 6″ Rock into ultra fine powder.  First the RC-46 quickly crushes rock into 1/8 inch in size through the first stage jaw crusher. Then, the output of the jaw crusher automatically feeds into the roller mill which reduces the material into fine powder. Material is then passes through the roller scraper.  This further reduces the material into “Ultra Fine Powder”.  Finally, oversize material may require an additional pass.

Processes 4″ x 6″ rock


Produces fine power in a single pass



20 years of field reliability

Keene Engineering has been manufacturing the RC46 rock crusher for over 20 years.  As a result, the solid design and years of field use has proven this model to be a tried and tested reliable work horse.

The RC46 has field replaceable parts

The design of all replaceable and wear parts makes for easy adjustment by the operator.  In addition, parts are easy to replace in the field. Also, an 11 HP Honda engine powers the RC46.  Due to a 6 to 1 gear reduction this crusher gives dependable service. As a result of its production design the RC46 is tough and durable.  Finally, the RC46  Rock Crusher includes the highest quality material and components available. This unit is built as compact as possible for ease of handling and maneuverability.


Quality Manufacturing

Manufactured by Keene Engineering, Chatsworth, CA manufacturing quality mining equipment for over 70 years.

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