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Portable Engine Driven Shop Vacuum System


Portable Engine Driven Shop Vacuum System

  • Light Weight 19 pound system
  • High efficiency 4-cycle Makita engine – no mixing of gas and oil
  • Runs many hours on 1 gallon of gas
  • Pulls 14.5 Inches of H2O vacuum
  • 180  CFM airflow is ideal for operating the Holey-Moley Digger
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Portable Engine Driven Shop Vacuum System

This Portable Engine Driven Shop Vacuum System was developed by Keene Engineering.  The design of this vacuum is for dry gold dredging.  This makes it ideal for picking up dirt. Another attribute of the system is its 5 gallon bucket.  It also has an easy on-off screw lid.  In addition, a high quality Makita 4-Cycle Gas Engine powers this unit. As a result it can run all day on one gallon of gas. Furthermore, this system works both as a blower or as a vacuum. Weighing in at 19 pounds, this portable system is a perfect choice for the Holey-Moley Digger where electricity is not available. Because of its light weight, the system easy to carry on a back pack to remote areas.

Engine Driven Shop Vacuum
Light Weight Portable Engine Driven Shop Vacuum

The Portable Engine Driven Shop Vacuum System operates up to 180 CFM consequently the air flow rate exceeds the flow rate of most home shop vacuums.   This system, in combination with the supplied 2-½-inch suction hose makes it the best gas operated vacuum choice for operating the Holey-Moley Digger Assembly.

Operation of the Portable Shop Vacuum

The Holey-Moley Diggers works better with high volumetric air flow rates. Because the Portable Engine Driven Shop Vacuum System has a high flow rate it is a good choice for the Holey-Moley Digger. As a result of the systems high airflow rate, the unit produces super cyclonic airflow flow in the digger head. This high flow rate increases the dirt particle extraction efficiency of the diggers.  The Portable Engine Drive Shop Vacuum System is highly recommended as the vacuum unit for the Holey-Moley Digger.

The Best Outdoor Shop Vacuum System

The Portable Engine Driven Shop Vacuum System vacuums up sand and gravel and cleans up areas around holes dug with the Holey-Moley Digger. As a result of this systems high air flow rate it is ideal for vacuuming up loose dirt when replacing plants and for installing pavers or doing brick work.

Portable Shop Vacuum System Contents

The accessories that come with this vacuum include a crevice nozzle and a A27 crevice tool.  It addition, there is a 10 feet of 2-½-inch suction hose, a 10 inch gold pan and a Gold Prospector’s Digest. If that isn’t enough, the unit also includes a GBSI snifter bottle, a funnel and a gold vial.

Quality Manufacturing

Manufactured by Keene Engineering, Chatsworth, CA manufacturing quality mining equipment for over 70 years.

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Additional information

Weight 25 lbs
Dimensions 23 × 16 × 24 in


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