Makita Gasoline Powered Vacuum Filter Bucket


  • Comes with Filter installed. 
  • Filter assembly can easily be removed by customer.
  • Finger guard easily installed by customer
  • Includes Makita 4 cycle engine – no mixing of gas and oil
  • Commercial low loss vacuum hose – 8ft 
  • Runs a full hour on one tank (0.52 L) of gas
  • Pulls 14.5 Inches of H2O vacuum
  • 230 CFM airflow with 8ft of hose
  • Ideal for operating the Holey-Moley Diggers without electricity
  • Light Weight 23 pounds with 8ft of low loss vacuum hose
  • See Made for the prospector a Quick Summary below

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This Makita Gasoline Powered Vacuum Filter Bucket is the best on the market.

This Makita Gasoline Powered Vacuum Filter Bucket by Cat 6 Tools, is the most powerful and most efficient portable gas powered vacuum filter bucket available.   Powered by a Makita 4 cycle Gas Engine, this unit pulls an amazing airflow rate of 230 CFM through 8ft of our 2-1/2″ Commercial Grade Low Loss Vacuum Hose. Consequently this unit exceeds the flow rate of most home shop vacuums. In addition this system can lift 0.44 pounds of gravel in 1.44 minutes which translates to 0.42 pounds of gravel a second.  This system will easily suck dirt and gravel out of a 4 foot hole for fence posts. The most unique feature of this vacuum bucket is the side tangental inlet.  This smooth tangential inlet eliminates the clogging that results when moist materials, especially soils enter typical 90 degree deflectors on most vacuums.

Makita Gasoline Powered Vacuum 7 gal Plastic Filter Bucket with 4 stroke engine


Made for the prospector – Quick Summary

This Makita Gasoline-Powered Vacuum system is made for prospectors now under more stringent environmental restrictions.  Instead of discharging dust directly into the atmosphere, the filters are available for every need.  From sponge filters to high efficiency particulate air HEPA filters.  One might think that the filters easily clog.  However, Cat 6 Tools engineering provides for this with a tangential super cyclonic inlet that spins particles to the bottom of the bucket where they drop out of the air before it is discharged through the filter.  Many prospectors are experiencing such good filtration with the tangential inlet that they can operate with only the finger guard.

Furthermore, many see the filter as an advantage is it doesn’t restrict airflow yet is in place when that dry dust enters the vacuum.  The advantages are many, including the an increase in efficiency with the tangential inlet that provides for more airflow over standard available prospector vacuums.

Cat 6 Tools, cuts no corners in our engineering for excellence.  Our mounting plate is 1/8 inch plate with a powder coat that resists corrosion.  The stainless, replaceable nuts and screws just add to the many attributes of this vacuum system. To top is off, the mounting kit, makes it a piece of cake to replace nearly all parts.  If that isn’t enough, the 7 gallon bucket, provides a full 6 gallons of capacity if you need it.


  • High efficiency tangential (side mounted) inlet for standard 2-1/2″ shop vacuum hoses.

  • A full 6 gallons capacity compared to 5 gallon alternatives.

  • 1/8″ mounting plate with long life durable powder coat.

  • High Airflow rate via tangential inlet for added performance.

  • Air Filter to minimize environmental dust hazard.

  • 5 Different Filters Available

  • Finger Guard can easily replace filter assembly.

  • Makita blower is not modified and can easily be put back into factory condition in minutes.

  • Easily replaceable parts

  • More flow rate means collect more gold

There is more!

The Makita BHX2500CA runs 1 hour on a tank of gas

The Makita engine will run approximately one hour on a tank of gas.   The tank holds 0.52 Liters (17.6 fl oz).  Cat 6 Tools, LLC recommends using ethanol free gas, available from hardware stores.  This will extend the life of the carburetor components.  In addition, we recommend running the tank and carburetor dry for storage.,  It will then easily start by putting in new gas if using automobile gas or ethanol free gas.

We use High Quality Components

Everything in this system is of the highest quality available.   The 100 mil bucket wall thickness allows this bucket to handle vacuums as high as 70 inches of water, over three times the vacuum pulled by the Makita.  In addition, the vacuum hose is the best available providing low flow losses making this vacuum bucket the best performing system on the market.

Fantastic Filter System

Even better, the tangential cyclonic inlet removes everything but the finest dust.  Even better, this system uses standard Ridgid Vacuum Filters for a wide range of filtration to fit your work environment.  This means you can choose from standard dust filters, fine dust filters to HEPA filters.  Not only that, this system is easily fitted with a standard Ridgid foam filter for wet conditions. This system does not include a float shutoff.  The full vacuum suction of this unit is nearly 15 inches of water.


Makita 4 cycle engine powered vacuum, vacuum filter bucket 7 gal. Uses Ridgid Vac filters.


Made for Digging

This top of the line portable vacuum system by Cat 6 Tools is made for the Holey-Moley Post Hole Digger. This vacuum system works both as a blower or as a vacuum. Weighing in at 23 pounds, with hose, this portable system is a perfect choice for the Holey-Moley Digger where electricity is not available. Because of its light weight, the system is easy to carry on a back pack to remote areas.


Makita Gasoline Powered Vacuum 7 gal Filter Bucket Gamma Lid with Makita 4 Stroke Engine with Filter.   This is how the unit comes.


Makita Gasoline Powered Vacuum 7 gal Filter Bucket is easy to remove the filter assembly and replace with the finger guard.

Commercial low loss vacuum hose available

This unit comes standard with 8 feet of low loss vacuum hose that provides 20% more air flow over standard shop vacuum hose.   The hose adapter fits standard 2-1/2 inch shop vacuum hose inlets. In addition, if you need more hose, we the low loss vacuum hose available in several lengths.

Comes with 8ft of 2-1/2′ high visibility commercial low loss vacuum hose with a 2″ ID. It comes with hard hose cuffs designed for Holey-Moley diggers if you need it. The ID of the hose cuff is a slip fit for 2″ digger tubing.


Gas Powered Tangential Inlet Bucket comes with the filter assembly

This system comes with the filter assembly.  The system comes with the finger guard ready for installation if you need it.  Because the tangential inlet provides significant cyclonic filtration, only the finer dust particles will pass through. So if you are working with damp soils or just heavy gravel, you may not need the filter.  The filter assembly is easy to replace,  just remove 4 nuts and washers, and the filter assembly comes off.  The finger guard is just as easy to install.


Bucket Lid -Wet Dry Filter Float Assembly



Standard Ridgid single layer filter attached inside of the tangential vacuum filter bucket

Tangential Vacuum Filter Bucket uses Ridgid and CleanStream filters

There are at least 5 filters available for this Tangential Inlet Filter Bucket making it the most versatile filter bucket available:

  1. VF4000 1-Layer PleatedEvery Day Dirt 
  2. VF5000 3-Layer Fine Dust Filter 
  3. VF6000 5-Layer HEPA Media Filter 
  4. VF7000 Foam Wet Application Filter
  5. Gore-CleanStream – HEPA
Filter Bucket Accommodates Ridgid and CleanStream filters. 5 layer HEPA not shown.


Gas Powered Vacuum works with washable CleanStream Filters

Not only does this Tangential Inlet Filter Bucket use Ridgid Vacuum filters but it also uses CleanStream Air Filters.  For more information click here for the CleanStream Air Filter 09092 or 09093. These GORE® CleanStream® Wet Dry Vacuum Filters are cleanable and long lasting.

Filter Bucket with larger airflow washable CleanStream air Filter 09092

This Gasoline Powered Vacuum works well with Holey-Moley Diggers

Because the Holey-Moley Diggers work better with high volumetric air flow rates. Our unique design efforts give us the Portable Engine Driven Shop Vacuum System with a very high air flow rate (230 CFM with low loss hoses). Therefore this gas powered filter bucket is a good choice where electricity is not available for electric vacuums. As a result of the systems high airflow rate, the unit produces super cyclonic airflow flow in the Holey-Moley digger head. Therefore, this high flow rate increases the dirt particle extraction efficiency of the diggers.

The Prospector’s Buddy

Because this Makita Gasoline Powered Vacuum Filter Bucket works great as a vacuum unit for the Holey-Moley Digger, we find more and more prospectors using this system for removing gold from rock cracks.  It is becoming the prospector’s buddy.

Video – Makita Gasoline Powered Vacuum Filter Bucket – Complete details

This video covers everything you need to know about operation and maintenance of the Gas Powered Filter Bucket.

Cat 6 Tools, Makita Gasoline Powered Vacuum Bucket Video 26:22   New

Cat 6 Tools, Makita Blower Gamma Lid Installation Video 10:00   New

The Best Outdoor Shop Vacuum System

Because this Gas Powered Vacuum Filter Bucket will pick up sand and gravel it also works great for cleaning up areas around holes dug with the Holey-Moley Digger.  As a result of this systems high air flow rate it is also ideal for vacuuming up loose dirt when replacing plants and for installing pavers and working with brick..

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Weight 40 lbs
Dimensions 36 × 16 × 16 in
Tangential Gas Powered Vacuum

With Filter Assy, Without Filter Assy


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