Makita Engine Mounting Kit


  • This Kit for is for mounting a Makita BHX2500CA leaf blower to a modified bucket Gamma Lid plate.

  • Kit includes Adapters and mounting hardware. See Photo.

  • Installs in less than 10 minutes.

  • Video Guide shows all tools, and installation process

  • Note:  Kit requires a modified gamma lid plate.


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This Makita Engine Mounting Kit for bucket Gamma Lids.  This kit does not include a filter adapter.

This Makita engine mounting kit includes all the hardware and adapters for mounting a Makita BHX2500CA leaf blower to a Gamma Lid. As a result, the installation makes a very unique gold prospector vacuum.  In other words because of good engineering practices this Gamma Lid Makita Engine Mounting Kit by Cat 6 Tools, LLC is unique as there are no modifications to the Makita Engine.   The Makita Blower can be reverted back to its original condition as a Makita mini 4 stroke engine leaf blower.  This engine does not use Makita 2 stroke engine oil or mixed gas, it uses standard 30 weight engine oil.

The Mounting Kit comes complete with adapters, gaskets, mounting plate, and stainless hardware.

The photograph below shows all the component part numbers. As a result, should you loose or break a part, it is easy to get a new one.  In addition, gold prospectors expect the best and this kit for the gold prospector vacuum is no different. It includes everything including hardware.

Makita Engine Mounting Kit w/o filter


The Tangential Gas Powered Vacuum uses a Makita Mini 4 Stroke Engine.

This 4 stroke engine, uses standard 30 weight engine oil and does not require mixed gas as is typical for 2 stroke engines.

Tangential Gas Powered Vacuum 7 gal Bucket Gamma Lid with Mikita 4 Stroke Engine


Tangential Gas Powered Vacuum 7 gal Filter Bucket Lid

The Gold Prospector Vacuum for pulling gold our of rock cracks.

If you are a gold prospector and looking for a top of the line vacuum, this gasoline powered vacuum by Cat 6 Tools, pulls over 15 inches of vacuum and produces over 230 CFM of air flow.   The tangential inlet and 8 foot low loss vacuum hose gives the vacuum a 20% boost over standard gas powered vacuum buckets used by prospectors.

makita mini 4 stroke engine-gas-powered-bucket-vacuum-for-the-gold-prospector
Cat 6 Tools, LLC Gas Powered Bucket Vacuum


Watch the Instruction Video on how to install the Makita BHX2500CA blower to a modified Gamma Lid plate here.

Makita Gamma Lid Kit Installation