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Makita Engine Drum Mounting Kit


  • Mounting kit includes all hardware plus strap.

  • Everything to securely mount the Makita to a drum lid.

  • Requires Drum Lid modified for this mounting kit.

  • Includes two stand offs

  • Mounting strap included.

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This Makita Engine Drum Mounting Kit attaches a 4 cycle Makita Engine to an 8 or 16 gallon steel drum.

This Makita engine mounting kit includes all the hardware and adapters for mounting a Makita BHX2500CA leaf blower to a steel drum lid. As a result, the installation makes a very unique vacuum drum.  In other words because of good engineering practices this  Makita Engine Mounting Kit by Cat 6 Tools, LLC is unique as it needs is only a minor modification to the Makita Engine.   The Makita Blower can be reverted back to its original condition as a Makita mini 4 stroke engine leaf blower.  This engine does not use Makita 2 stroke engine oil or mixed gas, it uses standard 30 weight engine oil.

The following picture is for illustration only.   The center lid would be replaced with the drum lid for Makita Blower. When ordering the vacuum drum, the drum lid would come ready for the engine and mounting kit.

Makita adapter kit for drum lids, Kit does not include Lid as shown. The lid coms with the drum.

The Mounting Kit comes complete with adapters, gaskets, mounting plate, and stainless hardware.

The photograph below shows all the component part numbers. As a result, should you loose or break a part, it is easy to get a new one.  In addition, gold prospectors expect the best and this kit for the gold prospector vacuum is no different. It includes everything including hardware.


The adapter kit will provide mounting hardware to attach the Makita blower to the drum plate and the finger guard on the inside of the drum lid as shown.

Makia-Vacuum-mounted on drum lid with finger guard


Makita Vacuum on 16 gallon drum

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