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Makita Blower Outlet Locking Hose Adapter


  • Attaches to Makita Blower outlet

  • Fits standard 2-1/2″ Shop Vac hoses

  • Easy 1/4 rotation lock.

  • Allen Screw to secure.



Makita Blower Outlet Locking Hose Adapter

The Makita Blower Outlet Hose Adapter easily attaches to the outlet of the Makita Blower.  It attaches just like the blower extension tube.  However, this adapter allows for any 2-1/2″ shop vacuum hose to attach.  The design of this adapter is especially for the Cat 6 Tools Low Loss Vacuum Hose.

This Adapter has a Secure locking mechanism

This adapter rotates 1/4 turn for locking and then is secured in place with a hex head screw.














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