Low Loss Vacuum Hose 2-1/2 inch Flexible Cuffs


  • 2-1/2″ OD, 2″ ID

  • Crushproof

  • Industrial Grade

  • UV / Fade Resistant

  • Smooth Interior Bore

  • Flexible Threaded Hose Cuffs

  • Fits Standard Shop Vacuum 2-1/2″ Inlet

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Low Loss Vacuum Hose 2-1/2 inch Flexible Cuffs

This Commercial Grade Low Loss Vacuum Hose 2-1/2 inch Flexible Cuffs, made for a shop vac, comes in lengths of 4 feet, 8 feet or 10 feet with flexible hose cuffs. In addition, the 4 foot lengths are ideal for connecting our Commercial Grade Cyclonic Vacuum Bucket to a shop vac.  This minimizes flow losses.  As a result of low losses the 8 foot lengths are ideal for our Holey Moley Post Hole Diggers to connect direct to shop vacuums or to pre-filter buckets. Compared to standard shop hose, this crush proof hose has 20% better flow rate. In addition this hose will not kink while using with post hole diggers.  Furthermore this 8 foot long hose is ideally suited for diggers to minimize flow losses while also being long enough to provide adequate flexibility while digging. When longer lengths are needed 10 foot lengths are available. The 2-1/2″ OD hose has a smooth 2″ ID bore.

If you already have low loss vacuum hose and would like the flexible cuff shown below, here is the link.

Threaded flexible hose cuff

Flexible 2-1/2″ threaded Flexible Hose Cuffs

Our Low Loss Commercial Grade 2-1/2″ Vacuum Hose comes with two Flexible Hose Cuffs custom made for standard shop vac hose connections .   Besides being tough, the Hose Cuffs slide over the 2-inch digger inlet with a slip fit allowing for smooth rotation of the digger without getting the back and forth slap of the hose that is common with shop vac hose adapters.  As a result of the slip fit, there is very low air seepage at the slip joint. This low leakage, ensures high air flow all the way to the shop vacuum. These custom Hose Cuffs fit all standard Shop Vacuum 2-1/2″ inlets.

Low Loss Hose – One Pound a Second Through 8 feet of hose!

Fabricated with a smooth interior bore. As a result, this hose achieves 20% better flow performance over standard 2-1/2″ Shop Vac hose. Furthermore, tests done with 8 feet of this hose with a Ridgid WD19560 vacuum pulled over one pound a second of 1″ gravel into the vacuum.  This is an incredible performance achievement for that vacuum.

Low Loss Hose – Quality Construction

This Commercial Grade Low Loss Hose is made from co-polymer materials with a two-part helically wound construction, these hoses are far superior to others available on the market. Besides having a bright orange color for high traffic areas, the hoses are UV/Fade Resistant and will a maintain their sharp appearance for a long time. In addition, the flexible, threaded hose cuffs may be black or gray.


Commercial Grade Low Loss Vacuum Hose with flexible threaded Hose Cuffs. Comes in lengths of 4ft or 8ft. 20% better flow rate than standard shop hose.


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Additional information

Weight 3.0 lbs
Dimensions 16 × 16 × 8 in
Vacuum Hose w/flexible cuffs

4ft, 8ft, 10ft, 15ft, 20ft


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