Hurricane Tilt Drum Vacuum


  • Standard with Hurricane Vacuum Filter Lid

  • Vacuum rated at 140″ H20 Suction, 140 CFM

  • Feed suction rate up to 2 pounds a second

  • Comes with 30 gallon steel drum and 12 feet of 2′ low loss hose

  • Carries up to 400 lbs of dirt, sand, or gravel.

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Hurricane Tilt Drum Vacuum on 3 wheel hand truck for Heavy-Duty Material Handling




Hurricane Tilt Drum Vacuum or 30 gal Drum Separator by Cat 6 Tools is the ultimate material handling solution for construction, landscaping, and utility services, to name a few.  Because of our engineering, this unit can transport and manage loads like dirt, sand, and gravel with unprecedented ease.

As a result of good engineering, this tilt drum comes standard with The 3 Wheel Hand Truck and a 30 Gallon steel drum. Because of this attention to customer requirements, this robust tilt drum is a game-changer for the heavy-duty task performer.

Furthermore, the separator drum can be easily connected to any vacuum, but it is also available with the Cat 6 Hurricane Vacuum shown above. in addition, with its versatile compatibility, it offers flexibility in usage options.

Cat 6 Tools Tilt Drum Vacuum Separator with Filter Lid

Tilt Drum Vacuum Separator Key Features:

  • Versatile Mobility: Equipped with large 13″ wheels, designed specifically for rough terrain as well as smooth concrete floors, ensuring your workflow remains uninterrupted. There is more,
  • Adjustable Wheelbase: The wheelbase can be adjusted effortlessly to navigate through doorways and tight spaces—making maneuverability on construction sites simpler than ever. But that is not all,
  • Heavy-Duty Capacity: With the strength to carry up to 400 lbs, our tilt drum can handle everything from dry dirt to wet slurry with the same reliability, for instance.
  • Dumping Design: Constructed with optimal height for convenient dumping into standard five-gallon buckets, paired with a balanced design for easy tilt operation. Even better,
  • Diverse Compatibility: Can be tailored as a reliable filter separator using standard filters from Home Depot or teamed with the Cat 6 Hurricane Electric Drum Vacuum.
  • Ease of Use: The drums rotate on bearings, simplifying the dumping of heavy materials without strain.
  • 30 gal Vacuum Drum: The drums have 30 gall capacity with tangential inlets.
The Tilt Drum easily pours into 5 gallon buckets.

Adjustable wheelbase allows for dumping into 5 gal buckets.

Tilt Drum Vacuum Separator Technical Specifications :

  • Premium Construction: Built to handle heavy loads and high-frequency use typical in construction and utility work.
  • Wheels: Large, heavy-duty 13-inch wheels for stability and smooth transportation.
  • Load Capacity: A robust threshold able to secure and transfer up to 400 pounds.
  • Tilt Mechanics: Engineered for straightforward tilting mechanics, balanced for effortless emptying.
  • Vacuum Hose Compatibility: Includes options of 12 feet of 2″ vacuum hose.
  • Extended Range Hose: Hose lengths to 50 feet are available
  • Filter Adaptability: Utilizes Ridgid filters—from single-ply to 5-ply HEPA filters—for maximum versatility.

Unique Selling Points:

  • Ultimate Maneuverability: Whether it’s rolling on three wheels or tilting like a hand truck, navigate obstacles with ease, including curbs up to 12 inches high.
  • Dumping Efficiency: The tiltable drum on bearings facilitates a seamless dumping experience, even under heavy loads.
  • Hurricane Vacuum Integration: When paired with our Cat 6 Tools Hurricane Vacuum it can lift dirt, sand, or gravel at an impressive rate of 1 pound per second.

Perfect for Professional Use Cases:

In addition to being a great potholing vacuum, many find this vacuum indispensable for valve box cleaning, or preparing fence post holes.  Moreover, that is why this tilt drum is the ideal companion for professionals where rigorous material movement is daily routine.

Ideal for Target Industries:

  • Construction: Cleanup and move dirt, sand and gravel materials efficiently on site.
  • Landscaping: Transport various aggregates for landscaping projects seamlessly.
  • Utility Services: Handle the tough job of clearing and cleaning work areas quickly and effectively.

Lastly, you can empower your daily operations with our 3 Wheel 30 Gallon Tilt Drum. It’s not just a product; it’s your partner on the job, delivering performance and adaptability that stands out from the competition. As a result you can take on the toughest tasks with confidence and precision.

Take control of material handling and elevate your operational capability—choose our 3 Wheel 30 Gallon Tilt Drum today!

There is more!

The Hurricane Tilt Drum Vacuum and Tilt Drum Vacuum Separator  arei the only vacuum systems on wheels that are made for rough ground to get you vacuum where you need it.

This Tilt Drum Vacuum is made for digging.

Finally we put this vacuum to the test and it blew our minds! For instance we witnessed it effortlessly lifting a whopping 35 pounds of wet sand and gravel 16 vertical feet through 28 feet of hose and PVC pipe in just 42 seconds.

Moreover, that’s an incredible rate of 0.83 pounds per second! And get this – with a 16-gallon vacuum drum, it can lift a mind-blowing 133 pounds of wet gravel in just 2.67 minutes.

This powerful electric drum vacuum from Cat 6 Tools is simply unbeatable because it is a vacuum digging powerhouse!


The Hurricane Vacuum comes standard with Ridgid filters.

Tilt Drum Vacuum Separator drum fabrication includes high-quality materials, ensuring their superior construction and performance.

Because our tilt drum vacuum drums are carefully put together by craftsmen using top-quality materials, ensures durability even in the harshest conditions. In addition, we use stainless hardware where durability is paramount. Furthermore the efficient tangential inlet is made with sturdy steel tubing to handle abrasive materials.

Lastly the sleek black gloss finish is expertly applied using a high-quality powder coat, featuring a saltwater primer for additional protection.


Powder Coated finish with Salt Water primer. Made to last.

30 Gal Tilt Drum Vacuum Separator Drum:

  • 30 gallon vacuum separator drum is a UN rated steel drum
  • Powder Coated black
  • Green Primer for Salt Water
  • Stainless steel handles and latches.

Tilt Drum Vacuum Low Loss Vac Hose:

Commercial Grade Low Loss Vacuum Hose 2-1/2″ OD, 2″ ID with Hard Cuffs


This system uses stand Ridgid Filters available at HomeDepot.

  • VF4000 White – Single Ply
  • VF5000 Blue – 3 Ply
  • VF6000 Green – 5 Ply HEPA
  • VF7000 Black – Sponge
  • Gore CleanStream – high efficiency wet/dry
Cat 6 Tools vacuums and separators use standard Ridgid filters.


Comes with a Cat 6 Hurricane Vacuum

This tilt drum vacuum comes with the Cat 6 Hurricane vacuum on the 30 gallon drum lid.  This is the best 30 gal drum vacuum available.

Vacuum Specifications:

  • 120 V, 14 amp
  • 15 amp inline GFCI cord protection
  • 145″ H20 Suction
  • 140 CFM
  • UL approved components
  • Plastic housing.


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Additional information

Weight 195 lbs
Dimensions 30 × 30 × 40 in
Tilt Drum

Tilt Drum Separator, Tilt Drum Vacuum