Grass Fire Swatter “Dragon Swatter”


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Grass Fire Swatter “Dragon Swatter”

The Grass Fire Swatter is best known as the “Dragon Swatter.” It is one of the most significant tools for fighting grass fires ever developed.  Because of its light weight and long reach the “Dragon Swatter” lets you put power into swatting.  This tool has a long reach – 73 inches.  As a result firefighters are now able to stay at distance from hot flames.  Because of this distance, a reduction in dehydration effects are significant.

The Grass Fire Swatter “Dragon Swatter” is indestructible

The Firefighter Grass Fire Swatter design is specific for grass fires.   Due to the heat resistant swatter head, the tool has long life. In addition, the heat resistance allows for swatting, scrapping, beating and bashing without tool degradation.  As a result of good materials engineering, this “Dragon Swatter” Head is virtually indestructible.

The Universal Handle provides for Quick tool head change

The Grass Fire Swatter head attaches to the Universal Handle.  As a result, changeout of the head is fast and easy.  This puts a number of valuable fire tool heads at arms reach.  Th swatter uses a Universal Adapter and snap-lock fitting.  As a result,  this tool one of the most unique and versatile fire fighting tools available

Used by professionals

The “Dragon Swatter” is used by hotshot and other fire crews around the world.  Its been in use for over a decade.



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Do you have a question about these fire tools or fire equipment?  Call and talk with Titus Nelson fo Cat 6 Tools.  While an employee with the U. S. Forest Service he fought fires with the well known Texas Canyon Hotshots.   Also and most noteworthy, is his service as a Smokejumper at the North Cascades Smokejumper Base and with the BLM Smokejumpers in Fairbanks, Alaska.  As a result, he has direct experience with all sorts of fire tools, including the fire shovel, McLeod, Pulaski, and the brush hook.  And finally,  he has extensive experience with all sorts of fire tools including axes, chain saws, and portable gas engine powered fire pumps.

Finally for an interesting article on Smokejumpers tools, read the “The Smokejumper’s Ultimate Toolkit Checklist.

Also,  if you want to learn more about Smokejumpers.  Checkout the National Smokejumper Association web page for more information.

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