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Makita Gasoline Powered Vacuum Filter Drum


WOC Show Special – 1 left 10 gal. 

Call if you want it mounted on a 16 gallon drum.


  • Available in 10 or 16 gallon drums

  • Standard Color is Black

  • Drums are powder coated for long life and durability

  • Comes with 8 feet of Commercial low loss vacuum hose

  • Includes High efficiency 4-cycle Makita engine – no mixing of gas and oil

  • Runs many hours on 1 gallon of gas

  • Pulls 14.5 Inches of H2O vacuum

  • 240 CFM airflow with 8ft of 2-1/2″ vacuum hose

  • Ideal for operating the Holey-Moley Diggers without electricity

  • 10 gal drum weighs 26 pounds with 8 feet of vacuum hose

  • 16 gal drum weighs 30 pounds with 8 feet of vacuum hose

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This Makita Gasoline Powered Vacuum Filter Drum is the best engine driven vacuum on the market.

This Makita Gasoline Powered Vacuum Filter Drum by Cat 6 Tools, is the most powerful and most efficient portable gas powered vacuum filter drum available.   As a result of excellent engineering this system is powered by a Makita 4 cycle Gas Engine, this unit pulls an amazing airflow rate of 240 CFM through 8ft of our 2-1/2″ Commercial Grade Low Loss Vacuum Hose. Furthermore, this system pulls 14.5 inH20 vacuum. Consequently this unit exceeds the flow rate of most home shop vacuums. In addition this system can lift  44 pounds gravel in 1.44 minutes which translates to 0.42 pounds of gravel a second.

Available in 8 and 16 gallon drums, this system will easily suck dirt and gravel out of a 4 foot hole for fence posts. To make this product even better, it uses standard Ridgid replaceable filters.  To top off this excellent design the tangential inlet does a great job of removing dirt from the air stream.  For many, such as prospectors working with gravel, the filter may not be necessary. Just remove 4 nuts and the filter assembly comes right off.

To make this system more attractive, we are including with the filter unit, a finger guard, just in case you want to remove the filter.  In addition, we’ve made this Makita Blower easily convertible right back into its original configuration as a leaf blower.   Just remove four nuts, the drum lid and adapters and put the finger guard on and you’re ready to go.

Makita Engine Vacuum Tangential Filter Drum 8 or 16 gallons

The Makita BHX2500CA runs 1 hour on a tank of gas

The Makita engine will run approximately one hour on a tank of gas.   The tank holds 0.52 Liters (17.6 fl oz).  Cat 6 Tools, LLC recommends using ethanol free gas, available from hardware stores.  This will extend the life of the carburetor components.  In addition, we recommend running the tank and carburetor dry for storage.,  It will then easily start by putting in new gas if using automobile gas or ethanol free gas.

We use high quality components in our filter drum systems.

Everything in this system is of the highest quality available.   The thick 20 gauge sides of these drums are suitable for vacuums exceeding 110 inches of water, over seven times the vacuum pulled by the Makita.  The full vacuum suction of this unit is nearly 15 inches of water. The Drum is powder coated for long life.   Furthermore, the 2″ x 8ft vacuum hose is the best available providing low flow losses making this vacuum system the best available on the market today.

Comes complete with 8 feet of low loss vacuum hose.

Makita 4 cycle engine powered 16 gallon vacuum filter drum with tangential inlet

Gasoline Powered Vacuum Filter Drum uses two high efficiency filter devices.

Cat 6 Tools engineering includes two filtration systems in this filter drum.  The first is a tangential cyclonic inlet that removes everything but the finest dust.  The tangential inlet consists of plastic for weight reduction, and steel tubing for high strength and wear resistance where it counts.  Its built to be tough.  Even better, this system uses standard Ridgid Vacuum Filters for a wide range of filtration to fit your work environment.

This means you can choose from standard single layer dust filters, fine 3 layer dust filters or even 5 layer HEPA filters.  Not only that, this system is easily fitted with a standard Ridgid foam filter for wet conditions. This system can handle water, however it does not include a float shutoff. This allows for maximum airflow through the system.

Makita Engine Vacuum with Tangential inlet on a 16 gallon Steel Drum offers higher capacity yet manageable weight when full.


Makita Engine Vacuum Tangential Filter 8 Gallon Steel Drum offers stability on unstable surfaces


The 4 cycle engine is securely mounted on easy to remove drum lid.

This  Makita 4 cycle engine is mounts securely to the drum lid with 4 mounting bolts and two safety bolts as well as a 1″ nylon strap.  In addition to being secure, the engine/lid is easy to remove with with just three locking latches.

The Makita Gasoline Powered Vacuum Filter Drum Lid with 4 Cycle Engine on 8-16 Gallon Drum Lid

Developed for prospectors, this Gasoline Powered Vacuum Filter Drum offers much more.

Originally developed for gold prospecting, the Makita Gasoline Powered Vacuum Filter Bucket has a lot of new features by Cat 6 Tools.  The new system works with wet or dry materials, has stainless hardware where it counts and powder coating on the inside and outside of the drums. Another attribute of this system is the easy on-off lid lid that uses 3 easy open/close latches.  These latches stay closed with a latch lock, but are easy to open with the flick of a finger. These latches keep the large, durable gasket ring in place to continually maintain vacuum.  Even better, this gasket is replaceable. And there is more:

High strength lid latch with safety catch. This latch stays shut and opens easily. It’s the perfect latch for steel pail or drum lids that need to be repeatedly opened.


The smaller 8 gallon drum, will hold an impressive 7 gallons of sand & gravel.

Because gravel can weigh as much as 125 pounds per cubic foot we have provided handles to assist in moving these drums when they are full .  As a result of the heavy soils, an 8 gallon drum can weigh up to 85 pounds when nearly full.  Likewise the 16 gallon drum can weigh over 160 pounds.   These drum handles are beefy and are located on the side of the drums in convenient locations for easy access.  Check out our calculators to determine the weight and volume of dirt that comes out of various holes.

Cat 6 Tools, uses high quality steel handles for lifting and moving 8 and 16 gallon vacuum filter drums

Gasoline Powered Filter Drum is also works without the filter assembly

If you like the gas powered system but would rather not have the filter assembly, it’s easy to remove and replace with the finger guard.  As a result, the tangential inlet still provides significant cyclonic filtration, only the finer dust particles will pass through. So if you are working with damp soils or just heavy gravel, you may not need the filter.

Gasoline Powered Vacuum with Makita Engine mounted on drum lid with Ridgid Filter
Gasoline Powered Vacuum with Makita Blower mounted on drum lid with finger guard

The Commercial low loss vacuum hose increases performance

This unit comes standard with 8 feet of high quality commercial low loss vacuum hose.   The threaded hose cuffs are hard and mate perfectly with the tangential inlet adapter on the drum. The hose cuffs also fit into standard 2-1/2 inch shop vacuum hose inlets. This hose increases the system flow rate  by 20% over standard shop vacuum hose.  As a result, this Makita Engine Vacuum Tangential Filter Drum is the finest, most efficient and versatile Filter Separator System available.

Available as an option is 8ft of 2-1/2′ high visibility commercial low loss vacuum hose with a 2″ ID. It comes with hard hose cuffs designed for Holey-Moley diggers. The ID of the hose cuff is a slip fit for 2″ digger tubing.

This Gasoline Vacuum Filter Drum uses Ridgid and CleanStream filters.

Because there are a number of filters available for this Gasoline Powered Vacuum Filter Drum, it is the most versatile filter drum available:

  1. VF4000 1-Layer PleatedEvery Day Dirt 
  2. VF5000 3-Layer Fine Dust Filter 
  3. VF6000 5-Layer HEPA Media Filter 
  4. VF7000 Foam Wet Application Filter
Filter Bucket Accommodates Ridgid and CleanStream filters.

If you like those GoreTex washable CleanStream Filters, they also fit on this filter holder assembly.

Not only does this Tangential Inlet Filter Bucket use Ridgid Vacuum filters but it also uses CleanStream Air Filters.  For more information click here for the CleanStream Air Filter 09092 or 09093. These GORE® CleanStream® Wet Dry Vacuum Filters are cleanable and long lasting.

This Makita Powered Vacuum works well with Holey-Moley Diggers

The Holey-Moley Diggers work better with high volumetric air flow rates. Because the Portable Engine Driven Shop Vacuum System has a high air flow rate (230 CFM with low loss hoses), this gas powered filter bucket is a good choice where electricity is not available. As a result of the systems high airflow rate, the unit produces super cyclonic airflow flow in the digger head. This high flow rate increases the dirt particle extraction efficiency of the diggers.  This gas powered filter bucket is highly recommended as a vacuum unit for the Holey-Moley Digger.

Here is the perfect accessory so that you can use your tangential drum indoors.

Don’t limit using your Gasoline Powered Filter Drum outdoors.  Remove the Makita Engine Lid and replace it with a Filter Drum Lid.  This Filter Drum Lid accessory converts the drum to a wet/dry filter drum that works in tandem with your shop vacuum.

Filter Separator Drum Lid for 8 and 16 gallon drums


Makita Gasoline Powered Vacuum Filter Drum replaced with a Filter Lid attached to a Ridgid Shop Vacuum. Comes with 4ft of low loss hose connector hose and 8 feet of low loss working hose.

This is the Best Outdoor Shop Vacuum System available anywhere.

This Gasoline Powered Vacuum Filter Drum will pick up sand and gravel and works great for cleaning up areas around holes dug with the Holey-Moley Digger. As a result of this systems high air flow rate it is ideal for vacuuming up loose dirt when replacing plants and for installing pavers or doing brick work.

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Additional information

Weight 50 lbs
Dimensions 36 × 20 × 20 in
Gasoline Powered Vacuum Filter Drum

10 gallon 2-92-1403-10-01, 16 gallon 2-92-1403-16-01, 10 gallon ECHO 2-92-1403-10-02, 16 gallon ECHO 2-92-1403-16-02


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