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Gas Powered Vacuum Filter Bucket


  • Base unit includes, Makita 4 cycle engine, Wet/Dry Filter Assy, 7 gal bucket with tangential inlet
  • Commercial low loss vacuum hose – 8ft available at purchase below
  • High efficiency 4-cycle Makita engine – no mixing of gas and oil
  • Runs many hours on 1 gallon of gas
  • Pulls 14.5 Inches of H2O vacuum
  • 230 CFM airflow with 8ft of hose
  • Ideal for operating the Holey-Moley Diggers without electricity
  • Light Weight 23 pounds with 8ft of low loss vacuum 3hose

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Gas Powered Vacuum Filter Bucket

This Gasoline Powered Vacuum Filter Bucket by Cat 6 Tools, is the most powerful and most efficient portable gas powered vacuum filter bucket available.   Powered by a Makita 4 cycle Gas Engine, this unit pulls an amazing airflow rate of 231 CFM through 8ft of our 2-1/2″ Commercial Grade Low Loss Vacuum Hose. Consequently this unit exceeds the flow rate of most home shop vacuums. In addition this system can lift 44 pounds of gravel in 1.44 seconds which translates to 0.42 pounds of gravel a second.

Fantastic Filter System

Even better, the tangential cyclonic inlet removes everything but the finest dust.  Even better, this system uses standard Ridgid Vacuum Filters for a wide range of filtration to fit your work environment.  This means you can choose from standard dust filters, fine dust filters to HEPA filters.  Not only that, this system is easily fitted with a standard Ridgid foam filter for wet conditions which works well with the float shutoff.  The full vacuum suction of this unit is nearly 15 inches of water.

Gas Powered Bucket Vacuum
Cat 6 Tools, LLC Gasoline Powered Bucket Vacuum


Originally developed by Keene Engineering for dry gold prospecting, this upgraded unit by Cat 6 Tools is made for wet environments. Another attribute of the system is its 7 gallon bucket, that will hold a full 5 gallons with a filter in place.  It also has an easy on-off screw lid.  The high quality Makita 4-Cycle Gas Engine that powers this unit will run all day on one gallon of gas. Furthermore, this system works both as a blower or as a vacuum. Weighing in at 23 pounds, with hose, this portable system is a perfect choice for the Holey-Moley Digger where electricity is not available. Because of its light weight, the system is easy to carry on a back pack to remote areas.


Commercial low loss vacuum hose available

This unit comes standard without a vacuum hose should you have your own.   The hose adapter fits standard 2-1/2 inch shop vacuum hose inlets. However, we have 8ft of commercial low loss vacuum hose available that is 20% more efficient than standard hose and is well worth the investment.

Available as an option is 8ft of 2-1/2′ high visibility commercial low loss vacuum hose with a 2″ ID. It comes with hard hose cuffs designed for Holey-Moley diggers. The ID of the hose cuff is a slip fit for 2″ digger tubing.


Gas Powered Tangential Inlet Bucket is available without the wet/dry filter assembly

If you like the gas powered system but would rather not have the filter assembly, we can fix you up.  Just order the Gas Powered Tangential Bucket without the wet/dry filter assembly.  As a result, the tangential inlet still provides significant cyclonic filtration, only the finer dust particles will pass through. So if you are working with damp soils or just heavy gravel, you may not need the filter.



Bucket Lid -Wet Dry Filter Float Assembly



Standard Ridgid single layer filter attached inside of the tangential vacuum filter bucket

Tangential Vacuum Filter Bucket uses Ridgid and CleanStream filters

There are a number of filters available for this Tangential Inlet Filter Bucket making it the most versatile filter bucket available:

  1. VF4000 1-Layer PleatedEvery Day Dirt 
  2. VF5000 3-Layer Fine Dust Filter 
  3. VF6000 5-Layer HEPA Media Filter 
  4. VF7000 Foam Wet Application Filter
Filter Bucket Accommodates Ridgid and CleanStream filters.


Not only does this Tangential Inlet Filter Bucket use Ridgid Vacuum filters but it also uses CleanStream Air Filters.  For more information click here for the CleanStream Air Filter 09092 or 09093. These GORE® CleanStream® Wet Dry Vacuum Filters are cleanable and long lasting.

Filter Bucket with larger airflow washable CleanStream air Filter 09092

This Vacuum works well with Holey-Moley Diggers

The Holey-Moley Diggers work better with high volumetric air flow rates. Because the Portable Engine Driven Shop Vacuum System has a high air flow rate (230 CFM with low loss hoses), this gas powered filter bucket is a good choice where electricity is not available for electric vacuums. As a result of the systems high airflow rate, the unit produces super cyclonic airflow flow in the digger head. This high flow rate increases the dirt particle extraction efficiency of the diggers.  This gas powered filter bucket is highly recommended as a vacuum unit for the Holey-Moley Digger.

The Best Outdoor Shop Vacuum System

This Gas Powered Vacuum Filter Bucket will pick up sand and gravel and works great for cleaning up areas around holes dug with the Holey-Moley Digger. As a result of this systems high air flow rate it is ideal for vacuuming up loose dirt when replacing plants and for installing pavers or doing brick work.

Quality Manufacturing

The Makita Engine portion of this Gas Powered Vacuum Filter Bucket is Manufactured by Keene Engineering, Chatsworth, CA manufacturer of quality mining equipment for over 70 years.

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Gas Powered Vacuum Filter Bucket

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