Foam Fast Replacement Cartridges



Foam Fast Replacement Cartridges

The Foam Fast Replacement Cartridges insert into the Foam Fast Fire Fighting Nozzle shown below.   As a result of their excellent design, these cartridges have a perfect fit.  Consequently they are made for fast replacement of used cartridges.

These cartridges are easy to replace in the Foam Fast Nozzle.  Just unscrew the nozzle. Then remove the old cartridge.  Finally, insert the new one and screw the nozzle back together.  These cartridges are normally in stock, however, it is recommend that at least one or two packages be on hand for emergency use.


Foam Fast Replacement Cartridges



The Foam Fast Replacement Cartridges come three (3) in a package.

The foam cartridges are convenient to use. The  Foam Fast Replacement Cartridges are specifically made for the Fire Nozzle below.

Foam Fast Fire Nozzle
Foam Fast Fire Fighting Nozzle


Talk with a professional firefighter

If you have a question about these fire tools call and talk with Titus Nelson at Cat 6 Tools.  Fighting fires with the U. S. Forest Service on the Angeles Forest leads his career list.   Also the well known Texas Canyon Hotshots of the Angles Forest in CA is on the list.   In addition, his experience includes working as a Smokejumper at the North Cascades Smokejumper Base.  Finally, working as a Smokejumper with the BLM in Alaska adds to his direct experience with all sorts of different tools.  Most important are the fire shovel, the McLeod, Pulaski, and the brush hook.  And finally, he has extensive experience with all sorts of axes, chain saws, and portable gas engine powered fire pumps.

For an interesting article on Smokejumpers tools, read the “The Smokejumper’s Ultimate Toolkit Checklist.

Want to become a Smokejumper?  Checkout the National Smokejumper Association web page for more information.

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Keene Engineering of Chatsworth, California manufacturers the Holey Moley DIggers and Reamers.  Keene Engineering in business now for over 70 years makes quality dredging and mining equipment.   All parts are backed by a 30 day replacement and 1 years manufacturing parts defect warranty.

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Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 24 × 6 × 6 in


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