Flexible Vacuum Hose Cuffs 2-1/2 Inch


  • 2-1/2″ Flexible Vacuum Hose Cuffs
  • Soft Flexible Rubber
  • Threaded for 2-1/2″ Commercial Hose
  • Fits Standard 2-1/2″ Shop Vacuum Hose Receptacle
  • 2 Cuffs per package


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Flexible Vacuum Hose Cuffs 2-1/2 Inch

These Flexible Vacuum Hose Cuffs are threaded for 2-1/2″ OD commercial hoses.  As a result of the threaded fit, there is a smooth transition from the smooth 2 inch hose bore to the cuff transition. This smooth transition makes a low loss air flow from vacuum attachments and to vacuums.  In addition to flexibility, these cuffs are extremely durable. They come two in a package.


Flexible threaded hose cuffs for 2-1/2 inch OD commercial vacuum hose


These adapters will work well standard shop vacuums such as the Ridgid WD19560 shown in this photo. In addition, these connectors can be used with Cat 6 Tools post hole diggers especially the Holey-Moley Core Digger.  This digger depends on good connections for a strong vacuum.  For the serious gardener that wants to use a shop vacuum for digging, especially around drip irrigation lines, our Hose Digging Attachments has Two Must Have Shop Vacuum Digger Attachments.  These attachments are plastic and prevent puncturing or damaging drip irrigation lines.

Cat 6 Tools filter bucket 2-1/2″ hose and Ridgid WD19560 vacuum


These hose cuffs work well with our vacuum buckets

Besides working well with standard shop vacuums with inlets for 2-1/2 inch hoses, these cuffs work exceptionally well with vacuum buckets such as the Commercial Grade Cyclonic Bucket and the Tangential Inlet Filter Bucket.


Commercial Low Loss Hose with Flexible Vacuum Hose Cuffs

To make your hose purchase more convenient, we offer a Commercial Grade Low Loss Vacuum Hose Package with these cuffs in three different lengths, 4ft, 8ft, and 10ft.

This 2-inch ID commercial vacuum hose comes in 3 lengths with flexible hose cuffs


For more ideas and options see Cat 6 Tools Vacuums and other vacuum accessories.



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