Fence Post Hole Reamer 10 inch


  • Reams 6 inch diameter holes to 10-inches

  • Operates with Shop Vacuum to remove dirt while reaming

  • Enlarges any 6-inch diameter hole

  • Available as Complete Assembly on this page  or Quick Change Head on QCH page.

  • Uses the same Handle and Upper Vacuum Tube as all diggers

  • Adjustable blade up position for 6-inch pilot tube

  • Adjustable blade down position to square off bottom of hole

  • Easy to operate

  • All steel construction

  • Replaceable blades

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This Fence Post Hole Reamer 10 inch is the finest post hole reamer available.

This Post Hole Reamer enlarges 6-inch diameter holes to 10-inches.  This reamer is also available in other diameters.  In addition, the all steel reamer has a movable cutting blade.  As a result, in the up position, the 6-inch pilot tube is exposed for starting holes.  Consequently the reamer stays perfectly aligned.  After starting a hole, it’s easy to move the blade to the down position.  As a result, In the down position, the blade will cut a square bottom in the hole.

These reamers work with the same Shop Vacuum as the Holey Moley Diggers.   The vacuum removes cuttings from the bottom of the hole while reaming.  This significantly reduces the time on cleaning up holes.    In addition, the clean holes with uniform sides reduce the amount of dirt removal required for each job.

Fence Post Hole Reamer 10 inch Assembly

The Post Hole Reamer Assembly 10 includes the digger head, lower vacuum tube, the standard upper vacuum tube and the handle assembly.

Large Diameter Post Hole Reamer
10 Inch Diameter Reamer Assembly includes The Quick Change Head (center) with Handle (right) and Upper Vacuum Tube Extension (left)


Fence Post Hole Reamer 10 inch – Quick Change Head

The 10 inch Diameter Post Hole Reamer Quick Change Head includes the digger head and lower vacuum tube.  As result of engineering design, the Quick Change Head works with the 6-inch Post Hole Digger.  Consequently, there is no need to buy the reamer with a handle and upper vacuum tube if you own or are purchasing a 6″ post hole digger.     Hence, Quick change heads same you money that you can put into the diversity of digger heads available.  We offer a number of Post Hole Digger Quick Change Heads.

Hole Reamer Quick Change Head
The 10 Inch Reamer Quick Change Head with Cutter Blade in the Down Position cuts a flat bottom in hole.

10 inch Diameter Post Hole Reamer Uses

There are many uses for this reamer.  The holes are suitable for large gate posts such as 4×6 posts, steel pipe posts, telephone poles, and concrete tubes.   In addition, if you are putting in a pole barn, this is the perfect tool.  As a result, this reamer works side-by-side with the 6-inch Holey Moley Post Hole Digger. For those larger posts, get a 12 inch Post Hole Reamer to enlarge deep holes for tall poles.

Easy digger head change out

The Quick Change Digger Heads are easily changed out with other digger heads with only two bolts.

Vacuum Tube Extension Joint
Holey-Moley Digger Vacuum Tube Extension Joint

Concrete Tubes

The diameters of these unique post hole reamers are 1/4″ larger than the nominal diameter. As a result, the  holes ideal for concrete form tubes.  As a result, concrete form tubes have many uses including:

  • Footings
  • Piers
  • Deck supports
  • Fence posts
  • Mailbox posts/bases

Further information on Concrete Form Tubes can be found below:

Need a smaller diameter?

Check out our 8″ EZ Reamer.

70 years of Manufacturing Experience

 Keene Engineering of Chatsworth, California manufacturers the Holey Moley DIggers and Reamers.  Keene Engineering in business now for over 70 years makes quality dredging and mining equipment.   All parts are backed by a 30 day replacement and 1 years manufacturing parts defect warranty.

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Weight 25 lbs
Dimensions 36 × 14 × 14 in


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