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Electric Drum Vacuum 10 and 16 Gallon


  • Made for moving dirt, sand and gravel

  • 120 volts, 13.9 amps works on standard 20 amp circuits

  • 140 CFM at the inlet of 8 feet of 2″ ID hose

  • 140 inches of water suction

  • Pulls 35 pounds of gravel/sand vertical 16 feet in 42 sec

  • In same test 12 feet of hose and 16 feet of PVC 2″ pipe

  • This power horse vacuum sits on a 10 or 16 gallon steel drum

  • Comes with 8 feet of low loss 2-1/2″ OD, 2″ ID vacuum hose

  • Uses standard Ridgid Filters available at Home Depot

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The Cat 6 Tools Electric Drum Vacuum is designed for sand gravel dirt and water.

This Most Powerful Electric Drum Vacuum system pulls 140 inches of water and operates at 140 CFM.  In addition it operates at 120 volts and 13.9 amps.  Even better, this two stage 16 gallon steel drum vacuum is one of the most powerful drum vacs  available.   As a result of Cat 6 Tools engineering, this system is designed with a very efficient tangential side inlet which protects the filters. Additionally, the system comes with 8 feet of our 2-1/2″ OD  low loss vacuum hose. This results in 140 CFM airflow at the business end of the hose.

This is the most powerful electric vacuum drum system available.  It is designed for the Cat 6 Tools line of Holey-Moley Diggers and is made for sucking up everything from water, to sand, gravel and just plain dirt.

This vacuum is made for digging.

We tested this vacuum and lifted 35 pounds of wet sand and gravel 16 vertical feet, through 28 feet of hose and PVC pipe in 42 seconds.  That is an amazing 0.83 pounds a second.  At this incredible rate a 16 gallon vacuum drum will lift 133 pounds of wet gravel in 2.67 minutes.   This vacuum made by Cat 6 Tools, is the most power vacuum drum available.


The Cat 6 Tools16 gallon Drum Vac with tangential inlet.




  • 120 V, 13 amp
  • 15 amp inline GFCI cord protection
  • 140″ H20 Suction
  • 140 CFM
  • UL approved components
  • Plastic housing.



  • 16 gallon
  • Powder Coated black
  • Green Primer for Salt Water
  • Stainless steel handles and latches.

Low Loss Vac Hose:

Commercial Grade Low Loss Vacuum Hose 2-1/2″ OD, 2″ ID with Hard Cuffs
Electric Vacuum Filter Drum by Cat 6 Tools operates at 140 inches H20 and 140 CFM.


This system uses stand Ridgid Filters available at HomeDepot.

  • VF4000 White – Single Ply
  • VF5000 Blue – 3 Ply
  • VF6000 Green – 5 Ply HEPA
  • VF7000 Black – Sponge
  • Gore CleanStream – high efficiency wet/dry
Filters for Electric Vacuum Drum-16 gallon


Short Video 56 Seconds – About the Cat 6 Tools – Powerful Dirt Vacuum

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Weight 48 lbs
Dimensions 37 × 18 × 18 in

10 gallon, 16 gallon


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