Echo Gasoline Shop Vac Bucket


  •  Echo commercial 25.4 cc Gasoline Engine

  • 205 CFM rated air flow with High Efficiency Tangential Inlet

  • 7 Gallon High Strength Plastic Bucket and Filter Assy

  • Comes with 8 feet of 2-1/2″ Low Loss Vacuum Hose

  • Fast Lock Ring Clamp For Easy Engine Lid Removal

  • Comes with VF4000 Filter



This Echo Gasoline Vacuum Bucket is a leader in Gas Powered Vacuum Bucket technology. Driven by an Echo 25.4 cc 2-cycle engine this Echo Vacuum Filter Bucket with locking Ring Clamp is a unique vacuum made for field work.   Being highly efficient with a tangential inlet, this outdoor shop vacuum is also lightweight at less than 15 pounds.   In addition, this unit has excellent flow rate at 205 CFM. Also, this unit pulls and incredible 12 inches of water suction.  This compares to the favorite Makita 4 cycle engine vacuum that pulls 14 inches of water.  Like the Makita, this Cat 6 Tools vacuum is made for digging holes.  As a result, this Echo Gasoline Vacuum Bucket is the perfect choice for any outdoor task. The large capacity 7 gallon tank makes it easy to accomplish any job.  With its heavy duty construction and high performance engine, this Echo Gasoline Vacuum Bucket will provide years of reliable service.

The Echo engine uses mixed gas and it is recommended to use non-ethanol fuel such as TruFuel for two cycle engines. What is unique about this fuel is it is already mixed and is ethanal free.   See our blog article on 2-cycle TruFuel gasoline.

Shop Vac Bucket powered by the 25.4 cc, Gasoline 2-cycle engine

This well known and trusted Echo engine is one of the lightest and easiest to use engines on the market. In addition, Cat 6 Tools engineering technology brings this Gas Powered Vacuum Bucket to peak performance with the highly efficient tangential inlet that reduces filter wear.  In addition, the Ring Clamp Lid, makes removal of the engine extremely easy while providing a long lasting industrial quality seal.  Nothing beats this bucket lid seal technology.

If you are prospecting and sucking gold up from cracks, or digging holes with the Holey-Moley Digger,  you are going to need the power and reliability of this 2-cycle engine vacuum.  Together, this vacuum with TruFuel will provide you with the most precise mix of fuel and oil for your engine so it runs clean, efficient and with maximum suction power.

7-Gallon-Echo Powered Shop Vacuum

This Echo Gasoline Vacuum Bucket comes with 8 feet of Vacuum Hose.

Part of the efficient of this tangential side inlet vacuum bucket is the Low Loss Vacuum Hose.  Cat 6 Tools supplies the vacuum bucket with 8 feet of the best no crush vacuum hose available,  As a result, this vacuum system achieves a 20% increase in flow compared to that available with standard shop vacuum hose.  This means you save on weight, gasoline consumption over a larger unit.

Commercial Grade Low Loss Vacuum Hose with smooth borer 2-1/2′ OD, 2″ ID. Direct replacement for standard 2-1/2″ shop vacuum hose.

Easy on/off lock ring clamp no more unscrewing lids and loosing gaskets

This Echo Gasoline Vacuum Bucket has a very unique metal plate with a super fast easy to use lever lock ring clamp.  No more fidgeting with a screw-on Gamma Lid and loosing “O”Ring Seals.   The heavy duty gasket is part of the engine mounting plate and it fits smoothly onto the high strength 7 gallon Plastic Vacuum Bucket rim.

UN Rated Lever Lock Ring

Comes with a filter assembly

The vacuum bucket comes with a filter holder that accommodates standard Ridgid Shop Vacuum Filters.

Cat 6 Tools -Echo gasoline powered 7 gallon vacuum shop vac bucket

Echo Gasoline Vacuum Bucket uses Ridgid and CleanStream filters

There are at least 5 filters available for this Tangential Inlet Filter Bucket making it the most versatile filter bucket available.  Some of the readily available filters are listed below:

  1. 1-Layer VF4000 PleatedEvery Day Dirt 
  2. 3-Layer VF5000 Fine Dust Filter 
  3. 5 Layer VF6000 HEPA Media Filter 
  4. VF7000 Foam Wet Application Filter
  5. Gore-CleanStream – HEPA
Filter Bucket Accommodates Ridgid and CleanStream filters. 5 layer HEPA not shown.


Light weight and therefore easy to use.

The ergonomic handle makes it easy to transport and the design allows for maximum suction power. More efficient than other buckets due to its unique tangential inlet, which increases airflow and suction power. This bucket design includes an integrated filter holder allowing you to easily attach a standard Ridgid Shop Vacuum Filter or CleanStream filter for the finest filtration.

Because this Echo engine is light weight at only 15 pounds it is one of smallest and most portable of engine powered shop vacuums.   As a result of its light weight, this is a powerhouse engine.  In addition, it has a very well made pull start assembly and one of the best throttle and cruse control buttons.  Its design allows for ease of use with one hand operation.


Powerful engine performance

The Echo engine is designed to provide powerful suction, at over 32 inches of water, so it can handle any job.  It can pick up both wet and dry debris, as well as small or large particles.  The filter bucket offers a variety of different filters, including the VF4000 Pleated Filter.


Front view of Echo gas engine powered vacuum.  It includes a 7 gallon bucket with Ridgid Filter and 8 feet of vacuum hose.


The Echo Gasoline Vacuum Bucket is the Best Outdoor Shop Vacuum System

Because the Echo Gas Powered Vacuum Filter Bucket will pick up sand and gravel it also works great for cleaning up areas around holes dug with the Holey-Moley Digger.  As a result of this systems high air flow rate it is also ideal for vacuuming up loose dirt when replacing plants and for installing pavers and working with brick..

Bucket Heavy Lift Side Handle Available

As a result of customer feedback, If you are intending on sucking up heavy materials where your 7 gallon bucket would weigh over 30 pounds, we suggest a 7-gallon bucket side handle.  Because, many find they want one of these handles after they have used the vacuum for while, these come separately for user installation.  Installation is easy, just a drill, wrench and socket wrench. Special Order

This carry handle makes carrying buckets easy. Tested to 90 lbs.



This side carry handle can handle heavy loads and reduces the strain on standard bucket bails gasoline engine supports.

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Additional information

Weight 25 lbs
Dimensions 20 × 20 × 36 in
Echo Gasoline Vacuum Bucket

With Ridgid Filter Assy, Without Ridgid Filter Assy


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