Digger Vacuum Hose Adapter


  • Made of PETG plastic

  • Threaded – left hand thread for vacuum hose

  • Adapts to 2-1/2″ Commercial Grade Vacuum hose

  • Fits into any 2-1/2″ Shop Vacuum Inlet/Outlet

  • Maintains vacuum yet provides a slip fit over 2″ metal tubing

  • Recommended for Holey Moley Diggers


This Digger Vacuum Hose Adapter fits Holey-Moley Digger suction tubes.

Due to enhanced design efforts his Digger Vacuum Hose Adapter fits onto any Holy-Moley Digger 2-inch vacuum suction tube.  in addition, the unique design, the adapter threads onto 2-1/2″ OD Commercial Grade Low Loss Vacuum Hose.  Lastly, this adapter will fit into any standard 2-1/2 inch Shop Vacuum inlet.  Cat 6 Tools low loss vacuum hose hard cuffs come standard with this adapter.


Digger hose cuff for 2-1/2-inch commercial low loss vacuum hose. The 2-inch ID of the outlet slide over Holey-Moley Digger vacuum tubing. In addition, the adapter outlet fits into any standard 2-1/2-inch Shop Vacuum hose inlet.


We made the Digger Vacuum Hose Adapter for Holey-Moley Post Hole Diggers

As a result of engineering design, this hose cuff fits into 2-1/2″ Shop Vacuum hose receptacle.  Furthermore, it has a slip fit on Holey-Moley Post Hole Digger 2″ suction tubes. As a result of its unique engineering design this hard hose cuff is a three-in-one adapter.



Vacuum Hose cuff ts made for Holey-Moley Digger 2″ vacuum tubes














Shop vacuum performance increased with a non-filter cyclonic bucket and a low loss commercial vacuum hose.


The digger vacuum hose adapter comes standard on our Low Loss Vacuum Hose Hard Cuffs.

Commercial Grade Low Loss Vacuum Hose with smooth borer 2-1/2′ OD, 2″ ID. Direct replacement for standard 2-1/2″ shop vacuum hose.


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Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 6 × 6 in


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