Cyclonic Vacuum Deflector


  • 90 degree vacuum hose deflector

  • Works best in pairs

  • Adapts to standard 2-1/2 inch shop vac hose.

  • Made for Cat 6 Tools’ Cyclonic Lids

  • Comes with 3 #12 mounting screws

  • Made of PETG hard, durable Plastic

  • Can be used as inlet or outlet

Price is for a single deflector

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Cyclonic Vacuum Deflector Adapter

These Cyclonic Vacuum Deflector Adapters will  fit on any Cat 6 Tools’ cyclonic plate or lid.   These adapters cause a circular rotation of inlet air.  A second adapter for suction enhances the cyclonic action as it faces in the opposite direction. These adapters come with #12 mounting screws.

Cyclonic 90 degree bulkhead adapter fits standard 2-1/2″ shop vacuum hoses


cyclonic 90 deg bulkhead hose adapter fits 2-1/2″ shop vacuum hose




These Cyclonic Vacuum Deflectors come standard on Cat 6 Tools separator buckets and pails.

Although these adapters are sold here as replacement parts, they come standard on 5 or 7 gallon cyclonic plastic buckets.

See our Cyclonic Separator Plastic Bucket Lid here, or you can purchase the entire Cyclonic Separator Plastic Bucket here.

7 Gallon Cyclonic Plastic Bucket. Screw on Gamma Lid. Inlet/Outlet identical fits standard 2-1/2″ shop vac hose or 2″ ID Industrial Hose.


Made for Gamma Lids

The Cat 6 Tools Cyclonic Separator Gamma Lid


The bottom of the cyclonic separator plate and deflectors attached to modified gamma lid

Made for Steel Pail Lids

Shown below is a Cat 6 Tools steel pail with Cyclonic lid.   This is a inexpensive cyclonic pail that will handle both liquid and solid materials.

See our Cyclonic Separator Steel Pail here.


Cyclonic Separator Steel Pail – 5 gallon


5-gal-cyclonic-separator-steel pail-lid-top
Cat 6 Tools 5 gallon steel pail cyclonic separator lid top showing inlet and outlet ports. Both ports are usable as inlet or outlet.


Underside of 5 gallon steel pail cyclonic separator lid


The cyclonic buckets and pails work with any shop vacuum with a 2-1/2 inch vacuum hose.  Shown below is a cyclonic steel pail attached to a 16 gallon Ridgid Vacuum.

90 Deg Elbow pair used with 2-1/2′ Low Loss Vacuum Hose connecting Ridgid Vac to Cat 6 Tools Cyclonic Separator

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