Cyclonic Separator Plastic Bucket – Gamma Lid


  • Known as the Flood Buddy for cleaning up after flood damage.

  • Ready to use out of the box with 2 low loss hoses

  • Includes 7 gallon bucket and Cyclonic Lid

  • Low loss hoses are, 4ft and 8ft in length

  • Includes Laser cut metal plate for durability bolted to a modified Gamma Lid

  • Includes Gamma Lid bucket adapter on 7 gallon bucket. 

  • Hard plastic deflectors.  Use either hole for inlet or outlet. 

  • Made for standard 2-1/2″ shop vacuum hose adapters.

  • Made for wet/dry and dry gravel up to 1-1/2″



This Cyclonic Separator 7 Gallon Plastic Bucket,  the “Flood Buddy” leaves your shop vac in a dry space while the Flood Buddy sucks up the bad stuff.

Cat 6 Tools is now offering a new Commercial Grade Cyclonic Separator 7 Gallon Plastic Bucket. Put this bucket in line with your shop vacuum.  It will significantly reduce the carry over into your shop vacuum which extends the vacuum filter life. Furthermore, this bucket is light weight and easy to move around when full. When full, attach a standard gamma lid available at most hardware stores and seal the bad stuff in for easy, spill free, transport.

This Cyclonic Separator Bucket has a heavy metal lid adapter plate attached to an easily removable Gamma Lid that attaches to any 5 or 7 gallon bucket.  As a result, this bucket will handle nasty stuff.  Consequently, when the bucket is full just remove the lid, and seal with a standard Gamma Lid for sealing in the bad stuff for easy carry away. In addition, when the bucket wears out, just replace with any standard 5 or 7 gallon bucket.  Furthermore, this bucket works well with any Holey Moley Post Hole Digger.  This Cyclonic Separator 7 Gallon Plastic Bucket comes complete with two hoses and is ready to go.  Don’t miss out on this vacuum separator.

Shop vacuum performance increased with a non-filter cyclonic bucket and a low loss commercial vacuum hose.

We use High Quality Components

Everything in this system is of the highest quality available.   The 100 mil bucket wall thickness allows this bucket to handle vacuums as high as 70 inches of water, over three times the vacuum pulled by the Makita.  In addition, the mounting plate is 1/8″ steel or aluminum plate and powder coated for long life.   Furthermore, the vacuum hose is the best available providing low flow losses making this vacuum bucket the best available on the market.

The old saying, you get what you pay for applies to this Commercial Grade Cyclonic Separator 7 Gallon Plastic Bucket.  Therefore, this bucket Lid is tough and durable and is not like the inexpensive kind made for saw dust.  This vacuum bucket is made for wet or dry materials. For instance, it will handle anything from 1-1/2 inch gravel to raw sewage.    Consequently, this is the most rugged cyclonic separator bucket available.   It is made to last a long time. In addition, it is a “System” that is highly efficient.

In addition, the lid is easily removable and will screw into any 5 or 7 gallon bucket with Gamma Lid Adapter. When the bucket wears out, it is replaceable with any standard 5 or 7 gallon bucket. The key component of this lid is the 1/8″ laser cut metal plate with deflector adapters. Coated for durability the plate is powder coated where it counts.  Both hose adapters are specifically made to accept Cat 6 Tools Low Loss Hose Hose Cuffs that screw on.   Not to worry, these lid adapters will also accept any standard 2-1/2′ shop vacuum hose adapters.  These vacuum separators are the most versatile in the industry.

Cyclonic Separator 7 Gallon  Plastic Bucket. Screw on Gamma Lid. Inlet/Outlet are universal so use either for inlet or outlet. Adapters accept standard 2-1/2″ shop vac hose.


The Cyclonic Separator 7 Gallon Plastic Bucket comes “Ready to Go” with two hoses.

This highly efficient Cyclonic Separator will increase the performance of your shop vacuum by 20%.  That is the reason we haven’t skimped on hoses with this vacuum separator.   The 4 foot hose is just the right length to hook to your shop vacuum. Consequently, this low loss vacuum hose has a 20% better flow rate and is a direct replacement for standard 2-1/2″ OD shop vacuum hose. The 8 foot hose provides just the right length to keep efficiency up but still provide enough flexibility to get the job done.

4 feet of 2-inch low loss commercial grade vacuum hose with hard hose cuffs. Fits any Shop Vacuum 2-1/2″ hose fitting. 2″ ID smooth bore, 2-1/2″ OD


8 Feet of Commercial Grade Low Loss Vacuum Hose 2-1/2″ OD, 2″ ID will attach to the Cyclonic Separator and to most shop vacuum attachments.

Your “Flood Buddy” the Cyclonic Separator 7 Gallon Plastic Bucket

When it’s time to clean up flood debris, use the “Flood Buddy” the Cyclonic Separator 7 Gallon Plastic Bucket to do the dirty work.   In other words, keep the muck out of your shop vacuum, use this Vacuum Separator Bucket as a pre-filter.  It removes 98% of all the water, mud, dirt, or dust allowing easy cleaning of your shop vacuum. In addition, this Cyclonic Bucket was tested with the Ridgid WD19560 vacuum and the results were outstanding.  The Cyclonic Separator Vacuum Bucket will work with any vacuum, however the higher the suction rate and flow rate the better.  Just make sure the inlet uses a 2-1/2″ hose. Below you can see the Cyclonic Separator being used to suck up mud, clay and water while keeping the Ridgid Shop Vacuum dry and clean.

The “Flood Buddy” 7 Gallon Cyclonic Separator made for nasty stuff in action with mud slurry

Watch the video, learn more about the Cyclonic Separator “Flood Buckets”, the best vacuum separator available.

Click this link to see the video 7 Gallon Cyclonic Separator Plastic Bucket  New Release

or click on the photo below.

Cyclonic Separator Buckets 5 and 7 gallons – “Flood Buckets”

Save your vac and your back.

Shop vacuums are extremely difficult to empty when filled with heavy debris.  The 7 gallon bucket and handle make lifting easy and dumping just as easy.   In addition, cleaning buckets is a lot easier than cleaning out shop vacuums.  These vacuum separator buckets are easy to to clean by just using a garden hose to wash out.

It works with all 2-1/2″ shop vacuum hoses

This Cyclonic Separator Bucket lid has two deflector connectors, one for hooking to your shop vacuum using the 4 foot hose that comes with the unit, and one for the vacuum hose.  Using a Gamma Lid, the deflector plate solidly attaches with stainless hardware.   This separator lid will screw onto any 5 or 7 gallon bucket fitted with a female gamma lid.  Everything is replaceable.

Save your back and your your shop vac when sucking up really bad stuff.   Because it works wet or dry, this industrial grade cyclonic vacuum bucket works in any environment.  As a result of heavy duty construction, when your bucket is full, remove the deflector lid and replace with a solid Gamma Lid available at most hardware stores.  This lid seals in the nasty stuff for easy transport and disposal.


The Cat 6 Tools Cyclonic Separator Lid standard with 7 gallon cyclonic separator buckets.


The bottom of the cyclonic separator plate and deflectors attached to modified gamma lid makes a universal vacuum separator


Need another lid?

If you need another lid, we’ve got you covered.  Here is the link to our Cyclonic Separator Plastic Bucket Lid for 5 and 7 gallon buckets that comes complete with Bucket Gamma Lid adapter.

Low Loss Vacuum Hose

Cat 6 Tools carries Low Loss Vacuum Hose in various lengths.  If you are interested in longer lengths please give us a call.

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