Cyclonic Separator Drum Lid


  • UN Rated Steel Drum Lids

  • 10 and 16 gallons for smaller drums

  • 30 gallon for larger drums

  • Powder Coating for durability

  • Salt Water Primer for long life

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Cyclonic Separator Drum Lid for Steel Vacuum Drums.

Cat 6 Tools is now offering a new Commercial Grade Cyclonic Separator Drum Lid.  These drum lids are made for standard 10, 16 and 30 gallon drums.  As a result of powder coating with the addition of salt water primer, these lids are made to handle nasty stuff.

Consequently, when the bucket is full just remove the lid, and seal with a standard drum lid for sealing in the bad stuff for easy carry away. In addition, when the drum lid cycloni bulkhead fittings wears out, they are easy to replace with 3 screws.  Furthermore, this steel cyclonic separator drum lid works with standard shop vacuums with 2-1/2″ hoses.

Cyclonic Separator Drum Lid For 10, 16, 30  gallon drums.

You get what you pay for

The old saying, you get what you pay for applies to this Commercial Grade Cyclonic Separator Drum Lid. As a result of engineering design, this lid with powder coating is tough and durable and outperforms inexpensive plastic separators made for saw dust.

The bulkhead deflectors are made for wet or dry materials that need to be collected and sealed. For instance, they will handle anything from 1-1/2 inch gravel to raw sewage.  Consequently, this is the one of the most rugged cyclonic drum lids available.  In addition, the deflector hose adapters are universal, so you can use either for inlet or outlet.

Cyclonic Separator Drum Lids are made for 10, 16 and 30 Gallon Steel Drums.

These steel drum lids are specifically made to fit standard 10,16, and 30 gallon drums.  As a result of our engineering excellence, the rubber seal on the  lid securely seals on the top of drums.

Replaceable Parts

Because we listen to customer needs, all the hardware on this cyclonic lid are replaceable. The steel lid has a durable rubber gasket that will resist most chemicals and oils.  In addition the deflectors are universal and are easy to replace with just three screws.

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