Cyclone Separator Vacuum Drum


  • 8 or 16 gallon

  • 2-1/2″ vacuum hose Inlet/Outlet

  • Stainless Steel Locking Latches

  • Stainless Steel Lifting Handles

  • Available with full (non-cyclonic) lid for containment

  • Works with high vacuum (industrial vacuums) without collapse

  • PETG Plastic Inlet/Outlet

Note:  Full lid is for containment and does not have hose attachments. See photos in description. Call for extra lids.

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The Cat 6 Tools Cyclone Separator Vacuum Drum is available in 8 or 16 gallons.

This cyclone separator vacuum drum is made of steel and powder coated for long life.  In addition, these drums, designed for the professional, will handle much lower vacuum levels without collapsing the drum compared to plastic buckets.  As a result of thoughtful engineering, the dual inlet-outlet makes the hose connections interchangeable, just plug and go. The inlet/outlet are use standard 2-1/2″ hose cuffs found on most Shop Vacuum 2-1/2″ hoses.  Because we have the professional in mind, instead of the typical hard to attach and remove drum ring.  we are now using locking latches. These cyclonic (inlets/outlets) are identical so it does not matter which is attached to the vacuum or used for the inlet hose. Furthermore, the hardware is stainless steel and suitable for corrosive environments.

Cat 6 Tools 8 galloon Cyclone Drum.


Cyclone Separator 90 degree bulkhead cyclonic adapter fits standard 2-1/2″ shop vacuum hoses

The three stainless steel spring latches are attached with stainless bolts and nuts. These are easy to secure and unlatch.

High strength lid latch with safety catch. This latch stays shut and opens easily. It’s the perfect latch for steel pail or drum lids that need to be repeatedly opened.

Notice the two handles on the lid.

These two handles on the lid make lifting and removing the lid easy.   In addition, to make keeping your equipment in good shape for the long haul, just turn the lid upside down when you remove it.  This protects the inlet/outlet ports and prevents the edges of the lid from denting.

The drums also include heavy duty lifting handles

If needed two people can lift a cyclonic separator vacuum drum containing heavy material.  In addition, one person can easily move the drum using just one handle. Or if it is full, both handles are just as easy to use.

There is even more,  the hardware is all stainless steel, so no need to worry about using these drums around corrosive materials and liquids.




This cyclonic separator vacuum drum by Cat 6 Tools looks great too!

This is the type of equipment you want to display in your shop.  Don’t hide it, let your customers know you use quality Cat 6 Tools.   The glossy, black powder coating is the perfect color for our cyclonic drums.  Besides that, the Cat 6 Logo stands out.   We did that because we are not ones to hide our Cat. 6 Tools logo, our our Made in the USA sticker.   Not only that, we include our Holey-Moley Digger logo because these drums suck up dirt and gravel.  They are made for digging and work terrifically with our Holey-Moley diggers – one of the best post hole digging tools available.

To decrease vacuum hose length between the Cyclonic Separator Vacuum Drum and your vacuum, we have large 2″ elbows to make the connection short and direct.

These 2-1/2″ Hose Elbows are available in 90 degrees and 45 degrees.  For more information see our Vacuum Accessories page with vacuum fittings and hoses to make your job easier.

Also available for your Cyclone Separator Vacuum Drum is low loss hose.

Our 2-1/2″ Low Loss Vacuum Hose reduces the friction loss over standard vacuum hoses that come with Cyclone Separator Vacuums.  These low loss hoses will increase the flow rate by 20 percent over standard hoses of the same length.  The hoses are 2 inch inside diameter and 2-1/2″ OD that work well with standard 2-1/2′ hose cuffs. These come as hard cuffs, quick and easy to put in and take out, or soft cuffs that make a tight tight seal on 2 inch attachments.

Cat 6 Tools’ 8 Gal Cyclone Separator Vacuum Drum with 90 deg elbows and 8 feet of low loss 2-1/2″ vacuum hose.


Remove the cyclone drum lid and replace with a “full lid” to seal the contents inside.

These drums are also available with full lids so that when full, the cyclonic lid can be replaced with a full lid for sealing and containing the contents.

Cat 6 Tools’ 8 gallon vacuum drum with full lid


If you don’t need a cyclone separator drum, we have you covered with our durable plastic bucket and steel pail cyclone separator.

Cyclonic Separators come in 5 gallon Steel Pales and 7 gallon Plastic Buckets as shown below.   The plastic buckets come with a screw on Gamma Lid or a flat plate with steel locking ring clamp.

cyclone-separator-vacuum bucket-pail
Cat 6 Tools carries cyclone separator pails and buckets


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Cyclonic Separator Drum

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