Combination “Magnum Pulaski” Firefighter Tool


  • Combination Pulaski Firefighter’s Tool Head
  • Universal Fire Tool Handle
  • Axe for cutting
  • Hoe for grubbing
  • Replaceable heat treated steel blades
  • Grub-blade width 5.5 inch
  • Axe blade width 4.25 inch
  • Includes blade guard
  • Pulaski Head – 3.3 Pounds, 13″L, 5.5″ W, 4.5″H


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This Combination Magnum Pulaski Firefighter Tool includes an Axe and a Grub hoe combination tool with a removable Firefighter Universal Tool Handle w/Quick Change Adapter.

Universal Fire Tool Handle Connector
Universal Fire Tool Handle Connector


The Combination Pulaski Fighter’s Tool has an axe blade on one side and a grub hoe on the other making it one of the most preferred of all firefighter tool.

The Pulaski Firefighter Tool includes the”Magnum Pulaski” and Universal Handle


The center of mass of this tool is at the handle/tool head connector which makes this tool balanced at the carry point for easy carrying.  In addition, the grub-hoe blade is twice as wide as the traditional Pulaski blade measuring 5.5 inches. The Axe blade measures 4.25 inches which is also ideal. Furthermore, both the Axe and Grub Hoe Blades are made of a heat treated steel for longer life and sharper edges.   Best of all, these blades are replaceable.  Fire crews who use this Combination Pulaski Firefighter’s Tool are known to  replace blades as many as five times, and they are still in use. This truly is a forever Pulaski.

Used by professionals

Combination Pulaski Fire Tool in use
Combination Pulaski Fire Tool in use

The difference between the Magnum Pulaski  Fire Fighter Tool and a traditional Pulaski

The Pulaski Firefighter Tool addresses the main weaknesses in the traditional Pulaski.  This tool balances at the right place for easy carry.  In addition, the grub-hoe blade is wider.  Most importantly, the handle is longer so fire fighters don’t have to bend over as far when using the grub-hoe.  The improved handle/tool interface is made so the tool will not shear where metal meets the wood.  The Pulaski Firefighter Tool head also will never slide off the handle.  Both of the Pulaski Firefighter Tool blades are replaceable.

Features of the Combination Pulaski Firefighter’s Tool include:

  1. Shear strength – this tool is three times stronger than the traditional Pulaski.
  2. Longer Handle – The Universal Handle and Combination Pulaski Firefighter’s Tool measures 37 inches, 3 inches longer than the standard 34 inch Pulaski.
  3. Most importantly the balance makes this tool safer because the fulcrum is at the hand hold pont.
  4. Wide grub-hoe blade – 5.5 inches
  5. Axe and grub-hoe blades are replaceable when they wear down, a true “forever” tool
  6. Pulaski tool head is attaches to the Universal Handle by thick square threads and spring locking pin.
  7. Magnum Pulaski can be safely stowed in the safety pouch [link to accessories] on outside of line fire pack.
  8. Strap connected blade guards are far safer than traditional blade guards.
  9. The Combination Pulaski Firefighter Tool uses a replaceable Universal Firefighter’s Tool Handle.

Read about Edward Pulaski and the invention of the Pulaski

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For an interesting article on Smokejumpers tools, read the “The Smokejumper’s Ultimate Toolkit Checklist.

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