Shop Vacuum Adapter Hose Inlet Plug


  • Plugs any 2-1/2″ Shop Vac Hose Inlet

  • Made of durable PETG Plastic

  • Includes Lanyard

  • Works with all Cat 6 Tools Vacuum Hose, Vacuum, Bucket, Drum female fittings.

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This Shop Vacuum Adapter Hose Inlet Plug will plug the inlet to any Shop Vacuum 2-1/2 inch hose inlet.

Cat 6 Tools has just the right adapter for your shop vacuum.  When you want to keep the critters inside the vacuum, just unplug your 2-1/2″ hose and insert this hose inlet plug.  It keeps the nasty stuff inside your shop vacuum until you can empty it properly.

Either plug the vacuum hose inlet or get a hose male-to-female adapter and plug your hose .   To contain the contents in your vacuum,  remove the hose from the vacuum and plug the vacuum inlet.  This makes moving your vacuum much easier without the hose and keeps the bad stuff inside the vacuum.

The Cat 6 Tools unique hose inlet plug for shop vacuums with 2-1/2 inch hoses provides a way of sealing the contents inside the shop vacuum with the hose off.  This makes moving and dumping a shop vacuum without worrying about having the contents spill out the hose inlet.  Made of tough PETG plastic, this hose inlet plug is easy to use.  In addition, this hose plug, can be used with a Cat 6 Tools’ hose connector to seal off the end of a 2-1/2″ vacuum hose.

This adapter is a male shop vacuum inlet plug for sealing the inlet to any 2-1/2′ shop vacuum hose inlet

Made for the hand this plug is large enough to easily grasp for installing and removing.


Shown in the photo below, this plug is large enough to easily grasp in one hand.  No tools are necessary.  Just push into the shop vacuum inlet or just as easily, pull firmly to remove.



The Adapter Male Shop Vac Hose Inlet Plug is made for all 2-1/2 inch shop vacuum hose inlets.

Shown below, the vac hose inlet plug, seals the inlet of a Ridgid WD19560 shop vacuum.




Hose Adapter for plugging shop vacuum inlet




This plug made of PETG plastic will also fit the female fitting of any 2-1/2″ vacuum hose

Shown in the picture below, the Adapter Male Shop Vac Hose Inlet Plug fits snugly in a Cat 6 Tools’ slip fit hose connector to plug the end of a standard 2-1/2″ hose cuff.

Adapter plug for plugging 2-1/2 inch shop vac hoses shown with connector


If you need the slip fit hose cuff connector, we have you covered.

Shown below is the Slip-Fit Connector that allows connection of two 2-1/2″ male hose cuffs.

Vacuum Hose Connector Hose Cuff to Hose Cuff 2-1/2″ Cat 6 Tools, LLC


This vac hose inlet plug will plug into any Cat 6 Tools’ separator inlet or outlet.

The vac hose inlet plug is being inserted into the hose cuff suction outlet of the Tangential Filter Separator Drum


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Cat 6 Tools has a large number of hose adapters and hose cuffs including, 45 deg and90 deg elbows, slip fit connectors for hose cuffs, soft and hard hose cuffs, as well as custom fittings such as 2-1/2″ hose cuff to 2″ PVC pipe and 2-1/2″ hose cuff to 2″ metal tubing.   See them all here.


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