Adapter Male Shop Vac Hose to 2 inch Tube


  • Adapters to the male end of all 2-1/2″ Shop Vac hoses.

  • Makes tight, easy to connect vacuum seal

  • Made of Hard PETG plastic

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Adapter Male Shop Vac to 2 inch Tube


This adapter male shop vac to 2 inch tube provides a connector for male 2-1/2″ shop vac hose to two inch tubing. Cat 6 Tools tangential buckets and drums use this adapter on on the inlet to provide easy connection to standard 2-1/2″ shop vacuum hoses.

Adapter Male Shop Vac. hose to 2 inch tubing


Male Shop Vac Hose Adapter shown attached to 2 inch tubing.

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Dimensions 9 × 8 × 3 in