Vacuum Hose Pipe Adapter


  • Made of PETG plastic
  • Adapts to standard 2-1/2″ ShopVac hose
  • Adapts to any 2″ PVC Pipe Coupling
  • Use EPOXY for solid connection.


This Vacuum Hose Pipe Adapter fits on standard 2″ PVC pipe.

Vacuum hose pipe adapter for connecting a 2-1/2″ Shop Vac Hose to 2″ PVC Pipe Adapter is now available through Cat 6 Tools. You can now connect your PVC dust piping system to a shop vacuum with the perfect adapter.

This hard to find adapter fits on the end of any standard 2-1/2″ Shop Vacuum Hose fitting. Therefore the other end fits into a standard 2″ PVC pipe coupling.  Conveniently, you can use any epoxy to make a permanent seal.


2-1/2″ Shop Vac Hose to 2″ PVC Pipe Adapter


This simple adapter solves a tough problem.

For those that have struggled with adapting a shop vacuum to 2″ PVC pipe its easy to understand the value of this adapter.   Cat 6 Tools now provides this simple 2-1/2″ Shop Vac Hose to 2″ PVC Pipe Adapter to make a smooth connection.


2-1/2″ Shop Vac Hose to 2″ PVC Pipe Adapter glues into any 2″ PVC pipe couple. Use any epoxy to cement into the coupling.

It is quick and easy to install this vacuum hose to pipe adapter

The pipe adapter is easy to install with a small amount of epoxy.   In a few minutes, the adapter is ready to use.  Just attach your shop vacuum hose fitting into the adapter.

2-1/2″ Shop Vacuum Hose Cuff inserted into 2″ PVC Pipe Coupling

This adapter solves a tough problem

Shown below is a 2″ PVC pipe with coupling with the black adapter glued in place and a standard 2-1/2″ Shop Vacuum Hose plugged in.

2-1/2″ Shop Vacuum hose connection to 2″ PVC pipe coupler using hose to pipe adapter.

Works with commercial low loss vacuum hose

Our new high efficiency commercial grade low loss vacuum hose is now easy to hook into PVC pipe systems.

Cat 6 Tools offers a 2″ID, low loss industrial vacuum hose for piping systems.

This hose provides up to 20% more air flow rate than standard shop vacuum hoses.  It easily attaches to 2″ PVC pipe with the pipe adapter.

2-1/2″ OD x2″ ID Commercial Vacuum Hose with flexible hose cuff to Vacuum Hose to Pipe adapter to 2″ PVC Pipe Coupling.

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Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 6 × 6 in