2-1/2 Inch Vacuum Hose Elbow


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2-1/2 Inch Vacuum Hose Elbow allows for shorter hoses between shop vacuum and filter buckets.

This unique 90 degree elbow adapts standard 2-1/2 inch shop vacuum hose (or 2″ commercial hose) male ends to a female shop vacuum adapter.   This fitting provides 2 inch schedule 40 PVC pipe at the 90 degree bend where wear occurs.   The PETG plastic adapter end fittings work extremely well in any 2-1/2″ shop vacuum inlet adapters.   In addition, this fitting is designed specifically to work with the Cat 6 Tools’ vacuum filter buckets and drums where short hoses between bucket and vacuum make for more efficient systems. Furthermore, two of these fittings will mate together to form an “S” joint.  Lastly, these fittings will also adapt to a bucket side tangential inlet so that hose from the ground can easily adapt to the bucket inlet.   This provides more stability to the bucket.


2-1/2″ vacuum hose 90 degree elbow adapter for shop vacuums


90 degree elbow for 2-1/2″ vacuum hose by Cat 6 Tools, LLC



Cat 6 Tools’ 2-1/2″ vacuum hose elbow adapter attached to filter drum


2-1/2″ vacuum hose elbow attached to 8 gallon filter drum. This adapter works with standard 2-1/2″ shop vacuum hose.

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Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 9 × 6 × 3 in
Hose Adapter

90 Degree, 45 Degree